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Carlin Sterritt wins The Bachelorette Australia 2019: "I’m completely falling in love with you"

Angie Kent declared her love for Carlin in a romantic season finale!

By Anita Lyons
It was the perfect rom-com ending for The Bachelorette Australia's Angie Kent, as she chose the handsome Carlin Sterritt as her match made in heaven, in a romantic setting in Byron Bay.
Before now, Angie wasn't ready for a man to enter her life and hadn't had a boyfriend since her early twenties.
"I'm a strong, independent woman who didn't need a man," Angie said in a voice over.
But, after breaking the heart of Timm Hanly (and let's face it, Australia's too) Angie was sure – she was ready.
As her new beloved walked towards her in the stunning rainforest location, Angie was spectacularly composed, even checking in with Carlin to ensure that he was OK.
"I can't imagine this experience without you," she confessed to him, and it was at this moment, that you could tell. He knew.
"From the red carpet, I felt so calm and I never feel calm straight away - especially with a guy," she told him. "I've never allowed myself to be, especially like that. There's something about you."
Angie Kent has chosen Carlin Sterritt in the grand finale of The Bachelorette. (Source: Network Ten)
Angie admitted that she "wasn't perfect", and that he wasn't her "usual type of guy".
"I get dressed in pretty dresses and stuff," she confessed. "But I'm a f---ing mess.
"I put myself into this so much and I don't want the perfect guy just for everyone. "I want the perfect guy for me because I truly have put my whole heart and soul into this and you know there's no doubt in my mind now that you are the perfect guy for me.
"I'm completely falling in love with you."
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The road up until this point had been bumpy – and Carlin doubted Angie's feelings for him.
Other bachelors were threatened by him and accused him of wanting to be the next Bachelor and then his brother Jarvie outed him as an actor.
But during their second last single date, the pair put the past behind them – confirming that they were ready to be in the here and now.
Then during the finale, and as a sign that he was "100% in", Carlin presented Angie with a spectacular "commitment ring".
The commitment ring. (Source: Network Ten)
"I'm so happy right now," he told her. "You have no idea. In my gut, I obviously really hoped for this and as a sign of my commitment to you and to 100% be in a relationship with you…"
But before he could continue, Angie interrupted him with a classic – "don't do anything stupid."
"I do have this as a sign of my commitment to you and something to remember this whole experience by. It's a commitment ring."
And just like that, Angie had found her fairy tale ending and for the first time ever, she had fallen in love.

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