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Bachelorette 2018: The shocking showdown between Robert and Ali's family which no one saw coming

''I can not see him fitting into our family at all!''

By Anita Lyons
Is it just a little bit of history repeating?
On Thursday's episode of The Bachelorette, Ali sent in the big guns to weed out the real men from the, ahem, fake; by bringing in reinforcements in the form of her best friend Jess and sister-cousin Bianca.
While they looked innocent enough, the girls were obviously out for blood, asking the men to out each other for who they really were and getting the goss on who is right for Ali Oetjen.
In no shock at all, Charlie Newling wasted zero time in naming Bill Goldsmith as a time-waster, but it was Robert Colangelo, a serious front-runner, who shocked everyone, including Ali, with an epic showdown between him and the two women.
Rob Colangelo was "intense" during Thursday's episode of The Bachelor. (Source: Network Ten)
After some awkward niceties were exchanged and Rob tells the ladies that he feels like he's in a "board meeting", the three of them get down to, well, business.
"I guess I want to know about the boys in the house," Jess said. "Do you think anyone is in it for the wrong reason?"
Unlike Charlie (when he practically screamed Bill's name) Rob looked uncomfortable.
"I dunno, I just worry about myself and my connection with her," he said. "I just see the qualities I have and I just hope it's the qualities she's looking for."
Probed further by Jess, clearly the bad cop, Rob interrupts her.
"Yes, I understand and I get the sense you are wanting names," he said. "I'm not going to sit here and say guy X is the wrong guy for her, because he might be the completely right guy for her. You could probably sit here now and tell her all the guys that are wrong for her. But it's not about saying 'this guy's wrong, that guys wrong. She needs to work that out for herself."
While this is quite the intense exchange, it wasn't until the 29-year-old plumber turned the tables and started asking the questions that had the girls in disbelief.
Jess, Ali's best friend, looking unimpressed during her exchange with Robert. (Source: Network Ten)
"There's one question I do have for you guys though," he said.
"Keep going," Jess said through gritted teeth, almost daring him to talk.
"Do you believe Ali's learnt what she's needed to learn from the past? Because if she's been repeating the same mistakes, the same relationships - has she learnt that lesson she's trying to learn? Is she ready for it?"
Ooft. Ouch Robert - but fair question all the same.
"She wouldn't be doing this if she wasn't," Jess said. "We know you've put a lot into coming here and you're life's on…"
"I understand that," Rob interrupts. "But that wasn't my big question. Has she done the work to get to where she is now?"
Rob in a showdown with Jess and Bianca. (Source: Network Ten)
While we always forget that the men are also putting their hearts and lives on the line for love, the intensity of the exchange was still shocking.
"I am taking this serious because I don't want to walk away with Ali hand-in-hand and realise three months later, oh wait, we made the wrong decision," he said.
"I want to work that out for myself. I need a woman that is strong, I need a woman that is independent and stands on her own two feet and that's something I really need for myself in a relationship. In my past relationships there has been no communication. I need to talk about everything."
But was it enough to impress Jess and Bianca? Ah, no.
"I cannot see him fitting in our family at all," Bianca said, which to be honest, felt like a tiny nail in Rob and Ali's relationship coffin.
After meeting all of the men, Ali's "family" met with her to discuss her future as they see it - and the only person we cared about was Rob.
After they make their feelings known that Rob wouldn't fit in to her life, Ali was gobsmacked.
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Clearly shaken, Ali said: "It's hard because when I can't deny when I look at him, I melt."
"Out of the guys," Jess said to her, "because there are some great guys, he's not the right fit. In all areas."
"How did I get it so wrong?" Ali told the producers. "This is the biggest bombshell. I don't know what to do right now."
In an interview with TV Week, Robert agreed he wasn't jumping in feet first.
"Yes, it's a bit of fun, but I'm also here to make sure I find the right partner," he said.
"I'm not going to fall for someone just because they've been put in front of me," he said. "I want to make sure Ali is the right person for me."
Robert dated Married At First Sight star Carly for three years. He says his former lover was bolder with her emotions than Bachelorette Ali, 32, is.
"Carly is a fantastic communicator − and when it comes to personality, probably a lot more upfront," he says.
Robert is still in touch with Carly, 32, and her family. He says he hopes that remaining friends with his ex won't be an issue for Ali should he be the one to receive her final rose.
"If we include Ali [in his friendship with Carly], it shouldn't be a problem," he says. "They'd get to meet and hang out. If it's an issue, we'll address it when it comes to it."

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