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Bachelorette Australia 2018: Ali's final four! The heat is on!

A plumber, a foreman, a sales rep and a banker walked into a bar… and the Bachelorette’s heart!

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Bill Goldsmith, Charlie Newling, Todd King and Taite Radley have surprised us. From one contestant's shock admission that he doesn't win the 33-year-old's heart, to another hinting that he's not only dating a former Bachelor star, but Ali, too, the boys have some secrets to share!
Charlie, 31, has been spotted romancing 2018 Bachie alumnus Dasha Gaivoronski off camera, but insists he's still involved with Ali.
He even tells OK! they'd "100 per cent" make great friends. "They're both into their fitness stuff. I only surround myself with good people in my life, so why wouldn't they get along?" Umm, Sister Wives anyone?
OK! chats to Bill Goldsmith, Charlie Newling, Todd King and Taite Radley - Ali's Final Four! (Source: OK! Mag)
The Sydney-based foreman hasn't made such strong bonds with Bill, however.
According to the plumber from Melbourne, also 31, Charlie's got a jealous streak.
"It's not easy seeing Ali make connections with other guys, but he obviously has his own way of dealing with that," Bill tells OK!.
"I tried to give him some perspective of the environment and I think it went in one ear and out the other."
Todd, 26, also can't understand Charlie's beef. "I think a lot of the other boys would support my views on that. Bill never did anything."
As for Taite, 28, he's renamed The Bachelorette, The Charlie and Bill Show. And there's more where that came from…
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Bill Goldsmith

Did you expect to make it to the final four?
"I went into this with zero expectations and wanted to see what could form with Ali, and what it could lead to."
Are you in love with Ali?
"Yeah, I'm definitely emotionally invested. And the more time I spend with her, the more the feelings are getting stronger and stronger. I'm definitely falling. When we're together, it feels natural. It feels like it's leading in the right direction."
Bill Goldsmith feelings keep getting stronger! (Source: OK! Mag)

Charlie Newling

Are you in a relationship with The Bachelor's Dasha Gaivoronski?
"It's all hearsay at the moment. There's a lot of things going around about that. We're just friends that have really clicked. We're both single parents, they're both boys."
Does Ali know you have a son, and will she meet him?
"Ali doesn't know. Ali won't be meeting my son. Coming into this, I was always going to protect his privacy and his mother's because that's something I agreed to."
Charlie Newling admits that Ali doesn't know he has a son! (Source: OK!)

Todd King

Your connection with Ali has been a bit of a slow burn…
"I like to think of myself as the Steven Bradbury! I'm just waiting for everyone else to fall over – that's how you do it!"
Are you in love with Ali?
"Of the remaining four, I've had the least amount of time with Ali. I wouldn't throw the L word around lightly. I follow my heart, so if my heart was in that place, then I'd say it."
Todd King wouldn't throw the L word around lightly. (Source: OK!)

Taite Radley

Would you move to Adelaide from Melbourne to be with Ali?
"Nope. South Australia doesn't do it for me. Good luck to whoever ends up with Ali. Surely they might enjoy it."
Is this a red herring? Or are you saying you don't win?
"I'm not saying anything. All I know is that there's a rock climbing competition at the end and two people fall off the rocks. But I can't say who it is. Maybe she doesn't pick anyone, like The Bachelor."
Taite Radley wouldn't move to South Australia... Ummm... (Source: OK!)
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