The Bachelorette Australia

An "awol" villain, a secret actor and TWO shock walkouts: Five explosive Bachelorette bombshells to take note of

It wouldn’t be the Bachelorette mansion without a heap of drama, and this season is no different...

By Woman's Day team
The Bachelorette Australia has kicked off for 2020 and you can bet it's already rife with drama.
From a rejected rose to the return of an old flame, our screens aren't unfamiliar to an explosion or two as the show gets underway.
But we best prepare ourselves, because it's only going to get more interesting - Woman's Day has uncovered the five biggest scandals from the 2020 season and you can bet it's going to be a full-blown emotional journey.

1. The villain goes awol

While contestants know by now that someone will be identified as "the villain" each season, it didn't stop this year's bad boy from being simply "ropable" with his edit.
"He's refusing to cooperate with Ten on any promotion of the show," our source discloses.
"Even though they're dangling Bachelor In Paradise in front of him, he's not having a bar of it."

2. Technology is banned!

Elly and Becky had their phones confiscated by producers after Locky Gilbert was involved in a texting scandal, but for these contestants, technology limits were extended to their Netflix accounts!
"Producers watch over the boys like hawks to make sure they stay in the Bachelorette zone. What they do to entertain themselves is closely monitored," a source tells Woman's Day.
"So no news, and certain Netflix shows were banned, too!"
The girls don't have access to tech in the mansion. (Network Ten)

3. Actor alert

Sydney-based contestant Shannon Karaka may look familiar to viewers and for good reason… he's an actor!
He appeared as a River Boy on Home And Away in 2017.
Shannon has appeared on TV before. (Network Ten)

4. What's your name again?

The sisters' looks proved too similar for the men – an on-set spy reveals they were constantly calling the girls by the wrong names.
"They'd win solo dates and ask, 'Who am I going on a date with again?'" our source reveals.
"Especially once the drinks started flowing at the cocktail parties – the girls would constantly be having to correct them."
It seems the boys are having a hard time remembering Becky and Elly's names. (Network Ten)

5. Two bachies walk out

Despite Elly and Becky's down-to-earth nature winning over the majority of contenders, the sisters fail to send two hearts aflutter.
Woman's Day hears at least two men walk out of the mansion of their own accord! Our source insists they "just weren't feeling it" for the Newcastle sisters.
"It's a pressure cooker of personalities and they just wanted out. It wasn't what they thought it was going to be," the spy adds.

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