The Bachelorette Australia

Frazer Neate WINS Elly Miles' heart in an intense double Bachelorette finale

What a whirlwind!

By Maddison Hockey and Lucy Bode
Well, The Bachelorette is over for another year and Frazer Neate is the official winner of Elly Miles' heart!
It's been a season like no other, with the ex-Bachelor sweetheart and her older sister Becky appearing as dual leading ladies – a first in the global history of the franchise.
And after five weeks of tears, testosterone and 20 contestants testing the limits of "bro-code", the 26-year-old was forced to choose between her final two: Brisbane-based concreter, Frazer, and her former flame, Joe Woodbury.
"Standing here in front of you now, it's where I want to stay," Elly told Frazer before adding: "I'm crazy about you."
"This is just the start of something amazing between us," Frazer responded.
Elly was torn between Frazer and Joe. (Channel Ten)
Elly was clearly battling with her the decision throughout the emotional finale episode.
"I came into this to find love and I actually have found someone that I feel that way with," she said. "But I am definitely struggling with the fact that I have to hurt someone. I just don't know what I'm going to do."
But after Frazer made his feeling clear for her with an emotional confession during their final date, the Parkes NSW-native couldn't ignore their connection.
The news has come as little surprise to fans as Frazer has been a front-runner since night one in the mansion. The 28-year-old immediately caught Elly's attention as he stepped out of the limo and onto the red carpet.
Speaking to the camera, Elly giggled: "Frazer... he is gorgeous! Physically, hello Christmas!"
Frazer immediately caught Elly's attention. (Channel Ten)
He was also given a winner's edit – a dead giveaway for fans that he was going to be the last lad standing.
This included romantic music playing in the background, as well as loads of screen time to ensure he was memorable to viewers.
Even the Sportsbet odds indicated the Brisbane-based tradie would be taking home the last red rose on his lapel.
The shy concreter was immediately pegged as a front-runner. (Channel Ten)
In a recent interview with Who, Elly's older sister becky revealed that she'd never seen her "so smitten."
"Usually she gets a bit overwhelmed when guys are too keen on her. But now, she's all in," she said.
"She's been really emotional and I've not really seen this side to her. It's so nice."
When asked whether she'd finally found her happy ever after, Elly replied: "Yes."
"I'm so happy right now, for myself and for Bec," she added. "I went into this hoping to meet a guy version of me, and I feel so lucky that I have."
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This story originally appeared on our sister site, Who.