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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's Ryan has already picked out baby names

Babies, bonding and being the next Bachelor...

By NW team
After Jackson Garlick failed to receive a rose on Thursday's episode of The Bachelorette, Angie Kent's top three were revealed.
So, who will go home with her heart?
NW chats exclusively with the top three Bachelor's - Ryan Anderson, Carlin Sterritt and Timm Hanly!

Ryan - "I'm thinking about proposing!"

"I'm thinking about proposing!" (Source: NW)
What surprised you most about being on The Bachelorette?
I surprised myself in how well I coped with it and just how I grew as a person in that type of environment. Also the fact that I never really thought about having kids until I had time [in the mansion] to think about it. I've realised now I'll make a great dad and I want kids soon.
Woah! Have you chosen any baby names then?
Yes, I have! I like Quinn for a girl and for a boy I like old-school Aussie names like Barry or Bruce. As a dad, I'd like to be like my dad – someone who's respected by my kids but also seen as a friend.
What were you like as a kid?
I was a bit of a nightmare, but only from a medical perspective – I had to have two open-heart surgeries.
Could you propose to Angie on the show?
It would be something I'd consider. I'm not closed off to the idea, that's for sure!

Timm - "My family adore Angie!"

"My family adore Angie!" (Source: NW)
Why do you think Angie should pick you?
I'm good with parents – parents love me and that's important! I was excited that Angie got to meet my family too [during hometown dates]. They loved her.
What's the naughtiest thing you've done?
I was always the class clown as a kid and got plenty of detentions, but I was more cheeky than bad. I was a bit naughty when I was in my teens, but playing [AFL] footy kept me out of too much trouble.
If Angie doesn't pick you, will you turn up on Bachelor In Paradise – or maybe be next year's Bachelor?
I'd definitely be open to either of those things. If I don't end up with Angie I'll be devastated, but I'd absolutely be open to more TV. Sign me up!

Carlin - "I'm ready for kids with Angie!"

"I'm ready for kids with Angie!" (Source: NW)
What was the hardest part of being on The Bachelorette?
The time spent waiting to see Angie in between dates dragged, as you'd only get to have brief conversations at the cocktail parties. It was really tough, because you'd worry about losing that connection with Angie.
What would your future with Angie look like?
I'm ready for a new adventure with Angie. We have an incredibly strong connection. It's a matter of whether Angie really knows I'm there for the right reasons, and me proving to her that I am. I definitely see myself having kids with her – it's not something that frightens me. I'll be a fun dad and not a strict dad.
What were you like while growing up?
I was the opposite of naughty. My babysitter named her son Carlin because of how lovely I was! Although I was bullied at school, which was tough for me, it helped me grow into the person I am today. I'm a lover, not a fighter.
Lucky Angie!
Well I hope so! Lucky me too, hopefully...
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