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Has Bachelorette Angie Kent had a plastic surgery blitz? A cosmetic surgeon weighs in

The former Gogglebox star is looking a bit different.

Who Angie will choose isn't the only question on every fan's lips – social media is bursting with chatter about Angie's shock new face!
"She's looking really different and everyone's whispering she had a lot of work done," an insider tells Woman's Day. "Word is she had a ton of procedures – from a nose job to lip fillers."
"She's looking really different and everyone's whispering she had a lot of work done." (Image: Instagram @angiekent_)
Cosmetic surgeon Dr Dave E David agrees Angie has had lots done to make her look TV-ready.
"Her nose looks very slim [in comparison], so I'm guessing she's done something there," says Dr David, who has not treated the star.
"Her eyebrows also look more angled now, probably as a result of Botox, she's very smooth in her forehead... her lips are full and it does look like she had fillers in her lips."
However, Angie has denied claims of surgery, revealing that besides Botox, "I've just lost weight, no extra work".
WATCH: Angie tells off Jess for his sleazy behaviour. Post continues after video...
This year's Bachelorette has confessed to using Botox, but it's not what you may think.
Angie suffers from hyperhidrosis syndrome, which means she sweats excessively from her hands and feet, and it's also a hereditary condition that her brother and aunt also have.
"In order to be a hand holder, which I thought I may have to do, you can get Botox to stop the sweat so I did so I could be a normal person and hold hands," Angie exclusively told Now To Love.
"But it's worn off, so you can see the glisten."

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