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Angie Kent is making her new man Carlin Sterritt unfollow other women on Instagram

Honestly girl, we can totally relate.

By Rebecca Sullivan
So the secret is finally out. Angie Kent has chosen her man, the handsome F45 trainer and wannabe actor Carlin Sterrit as the winner of The Bachelorette.
And yes, just in case you're wondering, according to a sweet candid video the pair released on social media last night, they are definitely still together.
Just like millions of other new couples out there, these two are learning to navigate the beginning of a new relationship in the age of social media.
A guy like Carlin, who is jaw-droppingly handsome and has a casual 92,000 followers on Instagram, would for sure be getting women sliding into his DMs all the time.
Then there are the women from his past, who might all of a sudden decide to start liking his posts again or chatting to him on stories, now that his profile has been boosted by appearing on a prime time reality TV show.
As Carlin's new girlfriend, this is exactly the kind of stuff Angie would want to shut down immediately, and it appears as though our headstrong Bachelorette is doing just that.
Angie and Carlin pictured during last night's finale. Channel 10.
Angie posted this hilarious meme on her Instagram stories on Thursday night, just hours after the finale aired and she was finally able to go public about her relationship with Carlin.
"Me making my man unfollow every girl on Instagram," the meme reads, alongside a photo of newlyweds Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber.
"Finally! Ha jks ... but seriously," Angie captioned her post.
Girl, we feel you.
It's funny, coz it's true. (Instagram)
Following Thursday night's finale, Angie and Carlin released a joint video thanking fans for their support along their reality TV journey and confirmed they are definitely still together.
In the video (which you can watch in the player at the top of this story), Angie and Carlin sit smiling at the camera with Carlin's arm lovingly draped over Angie. And in trademark style, the former Gogglebox star and her new man kept it down-to-earth.
"I guess we'd just like to say thank you so much for watching," Angie said.
"I think it was such an interesting choice for me to be the Bachelorette and it's been wild and I put my all into it and I don't know, Carlin stuck by me."
Carlin then chimed in with a cheeky, "Yeah I did!"
WATCH BELOW: The trailer for Carlin's movie Out Of The Woods. Story continues after video.
During The Bachelorette finale, which was filmed in Byron Bay, the cute couple finally declared their love for each other.
"There's no doubt in my mind that you are the perfect guy for me," Angie told Carlin. "I'm a strong independent woman. I don't need a man. But now I want one."
And Carlin showed he was absolutely ready to commit, by giving Angie a ring.
"I'm so happy right now," Carlin said.
"You have no idea and my gut obviously really hoped for this and as a sign of my commitment to you and to 100% be in a relationship with you."
We love love!

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