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Bachelorette 2018: Nathan Favro sticks by his story that Ali played around

Exlusive: What stays in Bachie circles, stays in Bachie circles... until now.

By Anita Lyons
It's only week two of The Bachelorette and there is so much drama between the men that we can hardly keep up.
During Thursday's episode, Nathan Favro was unceremoniously (literally) kicked out of the mansion for spreading rumours about Ali Oetjen and her, ahem, alleged infidelity.
And while he admits he was only repeating what "he had previously heard", he still stands by what his "sources" say is true.
In an exclusive chat with Now to Love, the 23-year-old builder talks about who he spoke to and the random relationship he has with one of Nick Cummin's final four.
Nathan Favro, the 23-year-old builder from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, runs in the same circles as some of Ali's "friends". (Source: Network Ten)
"We were all sitting around the pool and the topic of the rumours was brought up," Nathan said of the incident which ultimately became his undoing. "A few of the boys had said what they had heard and I basically just said what I had heard."
Nathan, who hails from the Northern Beaches in Sydney, is quite the networker and it was actually someone in the "Bachie-verse" who confirmed for him the different stories.
"I'm pretty well networked in the reality TV show circuit," he said. "You meet one person and the next person and the next person and so I know a few of her [Ali] friends."
"It wasn't like I sat down with anyone and they said, 'this is what happened - this is who Ali is' or anything like that, it was just I heard bits and pieces and a story would come out and then someone would say 'that's true' and I just had my judgement of the whole thing."
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During Thursday's episode, Charlie Newling approached Ali about the poolside chat that Nathan and the rest of the guys were having.
"Sunbaking by the pool, he [Nathan] starts spreading rumours about you, heard in the media and not only that, he made up stories that he knows people that are your friends, that apparently emphasised that the rumours were true," Charlie told a furious Ali. "So not only did he say the rumours, but he made us believe that the rumours were actually true about you and he knew people."
Woah. Ouch.
When questioned what Nathan thought about that, he told Now to Love: "I'm not one to hold grudges, everyone did what they thought was right in an incredibly tense situation."
And then added: "Charlie just basically used that as a tool to get across to Ali that I wasn't there for the right reasons," he said.
"We're two completely different people. I am very selfless and to me, he is very selfish. Everything has to benefit him."
When Nathan was approached by Ali at the cocktail party, the builder tried to get her to see it from his point of view.
"Charlie is a jealous, malicious person. He's a piece of s - - - . I honestly believe that I am one of the best people that go around. I don't even know what to say to you…"
Afterwards, Ali - clearly fed up said: "Nathan, I don't think this is going to work. I seriously don't."
"I have to be really selfish, especially after what happened between Grant and I. There's no way that anybody else is going to hurt me like that. I'm sorry, but everyone else backed up what Charlie was saying."
"It's time for you to go," she said walking away.
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Nathan tells off Charlie in Thursday's episode. (Source: Network Ten)
Charlie Newling during the argument with Nathan. (Source: Network Ten)
Ali and Nathan on the set of The Bachelorette. (Source: Network Ten)
While he is no longer part of the series, Nathan's connection with the Bachie-verse is far from over.
During the chat with Now to Love, Nathan exclusively revealed a totally random (but maybe coincidental) connection he has with one of the Honeybadger's final four.
The girl in question is Cass Wood - another Sydney-sider from the Northern Beaches.
"She's actually one of my ex-girlfriends best friends," he said. "That's how we know each other. That ex-girlfriend was five years ago now, but I go and hang out with them every now and then."
Surprised? We didn't think so.