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He's The One! Darvid Garayeli wins Brooke Blurton's heart and the Bachelorette 2021

We all saw this romance coming!

By Maddison Leach
It's love! Darvid Garayeli has been named the winner of The Bachelorette 2021 and Brooke Blurton's heart in an emotional finale.
After a rollercoaster season of romance, roses and Konrad's iconic love bench, Bachelorette Brooke chose the "Persian Prince" as her winner.
It was a crushing blow for runner up Jamie-Lee Dayz, but Darvid couldn't have looked happier as Brooke told him she had fallen for him.
They couldn't look more smitten! (Ten)
When Brooke's friends Amy and Abbie (AKA Abbie Chatfield) met Darvid they both commented on how loved-up he and Brooke seemed.
Amy quizzed Darvid on his cultural knowledge and while he didn't have all the answers, he said he was eager to learn more about Brooke's culture and background.
Then Brooke and Darvid hopped in a flash car and headed to a tantric breathing session that left viewers a little hot under the collar.
But it was when Darvid told Brooke he had falled for her after the session that we really knew the deal was done and he'd be The One for her.
"From the moment I met you, I felt a lot of feelings. I felt calm, I felt trusting. I felt an instant chemistry and connection that I have never, ever felt with anyone before," Brooke told him.
"Darvid. I don't know how to say this, but you came in here and you granted me three wishes. And I still have one left. Darvid... I love you so much."
By that stage she was crying, Darvid was crying and we were crying as they exchanged rings and Brooke said she couldn't wait to start their life together.
Darvid may have won Brooke's heart, but many viewers genuinely believed it would be Jamie-Lee standing with her at the end.
Brooke sent Jamie-Lee home in a heartbreaking finale moment. (Ten)
Her knowledge of Indigenous culture after knowing Brooke for three years left Amy worried when she and Abbie met Jamie-Lee, but she worked hard to make up for it.
Then she headed on a cute final date with Brooke, complete with the classic Bachelorette helicopter ride, and told Brooke she truly was in love with her.
But sadly it wasn't meant to be, Brooke telling her that she is "absolutely beautiful inside and out" but that their love story wasn't going to go any further.
"My heart is with someone else," she said through tears, while Jamie-Lee cried and said, "I really am happy for you. I feel lucky to have had this chance with you."
It was an emotional moment, and far from the first one this season.
Brooke's groundbreaking season kept viewers guessing, with many fans assuming she'd end up with fan-favourite Konrad Bien-Stephens, or blonde bombshell Holly Langford.
But Konrad was sent home after making the final four - and is now dating Abbie Chatfield - and Holly's hopes were dashed in the penultimate episode.
Speaking of Holly, she's now dating fellow contestant Millie Rubio, and there are ongoing rumours about a romantic connection between Carissa Croft and Beca Pressing, though they've denied they're dating.
Konrad has started a new romance with Abbie Chatfield. (Instagram)
While many hearts were broken on Brooke's road to romance, it lokos like there was plenty of extra romance too, and all of the contestants have been incredibly respectful of the 26-year-old's decisions on the show.
"Really it was about Brooke. It's about her finding the right person for her… I really want her to be happy," Konrad told TV WEEK.
"I wanted Brooke to have the best shot at finding love," added Carissa, who voluntarily left the mansion early on.
"And if I couldn't give her what she deserves, then I felt like I should take a step back and leave that spot to someone else who I thought really could step up and make a connection with Brooke."
Brooke couldn't look happier with her new man. (Ten)
Even on Instagram, each of the eliminated contestans voiced their admiration for and appreciation of Brooke after they left the mansion.
And though there was a hint of a cheating scandal this season, overall the first ever queer season of the show was just about as wholesome as reality TV comes.
So congratulations to Brooke and Darvid - we can't wait to see what comes next for them!
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