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Spoiler alert! Does this prove that Darvid wins Brooke Blurton's heart on The Bachelorette 2021?

One eagle-eyed fan dropped a huge hint.

By Tina Burke
It looks like we finally have proof of which fan-favourite contestant will win Brooke Blurton's heart on The Bachelorette 2021 - and we have to say, we're not surprised.
On our TV screens, Brooke is still deciding between then 10 men and women vying for her heart in the Bachelorette mansion.
But off-screen, the 26-year-old has confirmed that she found The One and it looks like she really wasn't kidding.
Now, reports claim that a fan of the show saw Brooke "moving in" to the home of one of the other contestants recently.
Darvid has been a fan favourite from the get-go. (Ten)
Who was it? Current frontrunner and fan-favourite, Darvid Garayeli.
Bachie Fan and super-sleuth Allira Howard left a very telling comment in the Queen of Australian Reality TV Facebook Group.
She revealed that Darvid lives opposite her parents and her family recently spotted Brooke arriving with the same suitcase she had shown on her Instagram Stories.
"Trying to be secretive, blinds shut, parking all the way at back of driveway etc but my sister saw [Brooke] and the suitcases she had in her Insta Story late last week too, when Darvid was getting her in/out of the car," the fan wrote – which was revealed by The Wash.
It's unlikely Brooke was actually moving in to Darvid's place, having been recently sharing her interior design journey as she decorates her new pad.
Instead, it was probably one of the few visits the stars will be allowed to share until the finale airs.
Of course, the whole thing could turn out to be fake. But the evidence is stacking up that Darvid wins the series.
He's currently tipped to win on SportsBet and TAB – a surefire clue the winner has been 'leaked.'
The betting odds have correctly predicted the winner of The Bachelor, The Masked Singer, MasterChef and many more.
He also received the white rose in the first episode, and his first date with Brooke involved a gravity-defying picnic after a helicopter ride; a date that two previous Bachie winners have been taken on.
Time will tell if Darvid is the winner, though it's looking more and more likely every day.
This article originally appeared on our sister site, Who.
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