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Where was Osher Gunsberg in this year's Bachelorette finale?

Our favourite TV host with the luscious locks was mysteriously absent for most of the show.

By Alex Lilly
Like a cup of tea without a Tim Tam, The Bachelorette without Osher Gunsberg is just not complete.
But on Thursday night's finale, fans noticed that the charismatic host only starred in the show's introduction and was absent for the rest of the episode. But where was he?
As the show opened, we saw the dad-of-one proudly welcome us to the idyllic setting of Byron Bay but that was our lot when it came to Osher this year.
Typically, Osher greets the runner-up and winner before they learn their fate but this year, Timm and Carlin had to walk on up to Angie all on their own. And it didn't go unnoticed by fans.
"It really isn't the same without Osher there to whisper us to the end of the road," one fan rightly tweeted.
Even Osher himself had a cheeky troll when one fan tweeted "I miss @oshergunsberg," and he simply replied, "I'm right here."
So where was Mr Gunsberg? Turns out, his dad duties called.
Speaking to the The Sunday Telegraph, the TV host confessed that his wife Audrey Griffen, had just gone into labour with their son Wolfgang, aka Wolfie.
"In the last week of filming, Audrey had contractions seven minutes apart, so it was going to happen at any moment," Osher told the publication.
"I was getting nervous while hanging around the mansion and my executive producer … took one look at me and said, 'Osh, you can't miss this. It will be the best day of your life, don't worry we will make it happen.'
"Everyone banded together and figured out a way to make the show work without me being there for the final moments."
Osher skipped the finale to be at the birth of his son, Wolfie. (Image: Instagram @osher_gunsberg)
The Bachelorette herself shared a sweet little tribute to her second-in-comand, taking to Instagram with a series of photos of herself and Osher ahead of the finale episode.
"Before tonight I wanted to do a little appreciate post to one very special man throughout my love safari. Mr @osher_gunsberg!" Angie began.
"Ahh, I remember meeting you on that first night, here I was walkin' down the path like a baby giraffe because of my terrible ability to walk in heels. I was scared as all hell. People watched me, watching you on tv! That was such a surreal moment for me."
Angie penned a sweet tribute to Osher and acknowledged how "family comes first." (Image: Network Ten)
The 29 year-old continued: "You have kept me laughing when times got tough, you gave me words of wisdom when I needed a good ol cry and don't even get me started on our love for coeliac / dad jokes and our sensational awkward photo poses."
"You won't be with us tonight during finale because family always comes first! BUT you were there in spirit! What's @bacheloretteau @thebachelorau @bachelorinparadiseau without you? 👑 Whisperman, you tha best! Thank-you for being such a beautiful friend and role model!"
WATCH: Angie Kent and Matt Agnew join Osher Gunsberg on the TV WEEK Logies red carpet. Post continues after video...
This isn't the first finale little Wolfie has interrupted with his birth!
Osher, who also hosted the surprise hit The Masked Singer revealed via Twitter that Audrey went into labour right when Cody Simpson was unmasked at the Robot.
"FYI when we shot this, in this ad break I snuck backstage for a wee, checked my phone and saw a message from my wife that she'd gone into labour," he wrote candidly.
"I went back inside and shouted take it off for Robot, then drove VERY safely home and to the hospital...[sic]"
"FYI when we shot this, in this ad break I snuck backstage for a wee, checked my phone and saw a message from my wife that she'd gone into labour." (Image: Network Ten)
If little Wolfie is this dramatic before even entering the world, we can't wait to see what's in store as he grows up.
We're with Angie on this one- family most definitely comes first!