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OPINION: Angie and Yvie just had the most relatable dating convo on The Bachelorette

''Do you think you could go out with a guy with a made up name like Carlin?''

By Anita Lyons
All of our Gogglebox dreams came true on Thursday night when Angie Kent's bestie Yvie Jones took the boys to an actual Bachelorette party.
And after a hilarious group date - where we saw Ciarran Stott in ALL his glory - Angie took Yvie aside to get the low down on the boys.
After discussing intruder Ryan Anderson and "sexy Willy Wonka" Ciarran, Yvie brought up the topic of front-runner and hunky F45 trainer, Carlin Sterritt.
"I really like Carlin," she tells Angie. "There's a quiet confidence that I like about him. His energy is calm, he's nice, he's just a nice guy."
Angie agrees with her bestie before trying to reassure her that while Carlin is "very serious", he's actually "a bit funny too".
"Yeh, but I don't believe you when you say 'he's a bit funny'," Yvie says unconvinced and with every bit of judgement.
"What like two per cent? He looked at something once and he laughed, yeh, 'he's a bit funny'…"
"What like two per cent? He looked at something once and he laughed, yeh, 'he's a bit funny'…" (Source: Network Ten)
Angie then questions whether it's time for her to find someone more "serious" and "grounded", but Yvie can't stop.
"Do you think you could go out with a guy with a made up name like Carlin?" she asks,
Angie calls Yvie "a mole" before they both go into fits of suppressed laughter.
"You know what, I really like Finding Nemo," Yvie continues. "but I don't like 'Marlin'…Carlin, that'll do."
But it's here, dear friends, that we realise we are watching the most relatable dating scenario ever - and while we've come to expect this banter from our fave Goggleboxers, it truly makes us wonder, are we too judgemental when it comes to who our friends are dating?
WATCH NEXT: Angie gives Carlin the 24 Hour rose. Story continues...
We've all been there.
You are smitten with a new lover and you show a photo to your friends.
"He looks better in real life," you quickly say before your friend can make comment.
"No, he's really hot - but I like that other photo better," they say.
Or: "His job is not great at the moment, but he's hanging out for a promotion," we tell them, just in case they're ready to go full Sherlock Holmes on their LinkedIn profile.
"Don't be a mole!" (Source: Network Ten)
We judge their shoes, their hair, the time they called instead of sent a text, the time they sent a text instead of making a call, or when they did not call at all.
Sometimes we make fun of their name or the way they say "fanks" or that time they awkwardly tried to go in for a hug and kiss, when you just put out your hand...
Whatever it is, we turn to our friends for their opinion - hiding our real feelings just in case they're not so sold, but laughing along when they make fun of the person you actually like.
But, it's no wonder really. If your friends don't get along with him, then what's the actual point?
They'll have to see each other at brunch or on a night out and there's nothing worse than your significant other and friends not getting along.
But are we being too judgemental?
For most of us, it's a defence mechanism until we're ready to let our guard down - because once we've met that special someone, and are ready to admit that they're truly what we were searching for, our bestie will be there, holding a Champagne, wearing a "maid of honour" tiara and wishing us nothing but the best.

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