The Bachelorette Australia

The Bachelorette Australia: 5 thoughts we had watching THAT finale

As we struggle to get over Todd’s heartbreak here are some things you may’ve missed

By Zara Zubeidi
It was the decision we really didn't see coming – Ali Oetjen turning down her knight in shining armour, Todd King, for 'I cannot commit to you' Taite Radley.
But amid all the tears and drama there were some other key moments during tonight's explosive The Bachelorette Australia finale.
Warning: may contain lederhosen.

1. You can’t have it all

After blowing their budget by flying Nick Cummins to New Caledonia, producers decided to treat Ali to an entirely different type of location this year… the "beautiful" and "majestic" Northern Territory.
She may've been all smiles as she boarded her Jetstar flight – we loved the matching, Jetstar-inspired orange jacket, by the way - but the disappointment was etched all over our Bachelorette's face. Well, she did get to fly to Fiji for Bachelor in Paradise earlier this year.

2. Don’t mess with pa

Ah, meeting the family – our favourite part of every Bachie finale. Impressively, Todd managed to remember the name of 'Alison's' dad. But Hartmut wasn't having any of it. He was 26 once too, and knows all too well what junger mann say to sweet talk mum and pa. Except he wore lederhosen.

3. Keeping it in the family

If Ali and Taite's relationship ends in disaster he can find comfort in the fact that cousin Bianca is a big, big fan. "Thank goodness!" she exclaimed as Ali revealed the hunk was one of her final suitors. Christmas lunch could be awkward…

4. Nobody nose

If there's one thing more mysterious than the end of Ali and Grant Kemp's relationship it's Todd's nose stud. How long has it been there? Was it part of an elaborate dare? Or does he have a secret bohemian past we know nothing about? For our clean cut Prince Charming, it's all rather bizarre.

5. Game play

Watching Ali turn down Todd was heartbreaking for us all. But has anybody noticed how much her wail sounds like the noise a character from The Sims makes when they walk in on their partner cheating on them? Oh, the irony!

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