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Did this sneaky Instagram clue reveal who wins The Bachelorette?

Super sleuths seem to think so.

By Alex Lilly
We're down to the grand finale of this year's Bachelorette and Ali Oetjen will soon reveal whether she's fallen for Taite Radley or Todd King.
Todd made quite the impression from the moment he arrived at the mansion dressed as a knight in shining armour, and with his dreamy smile and romantic declarations of love, he's won himself plenty of female fans.
But after making an update to his Instagram bio, eagle-eyed followers think that he could be Ali's Mr Right.
Todd's made a sneaky amendment to his Instagram bio. (Image: Instagram @toddgking)
Todd declares himself a "dog dad" and adds "all puns intended" but also describes himself as a "wannabe athlete." And as the blonde bombshell herself is a fitness enthusiast, social media stalkers are convinced that he's embracing the #fitspo life to match up with his new girlfriend.
But that's not the only clue that makes us think that Ali's handsome prince has stolen her heart.
Ali's cousin, Bianca, who made an appearance on The Bachelorette early on in the series also gave away a clue on Instagram that Todd has made it into Ali's inner circle.
The Daily Mail tracked down Bianca's social media account, and though it was set to private, they saw that Todd was the only Bachelor following her. And seeing as Bianca encouraged Ali to give Todd more one-on-one time when she starred on the show, it's making us think Todd has overthrown Taite.
Unfortunately, with all these Internet rumours buzzing, Todd has now unfollowed Bianca.
Todd made us all swoon when he professed his love for Ali. (Image: Instagram @toddgking)
Todd even hinted at a long-term future with Ali when he talked to TV WEEK about raising kids together, something she wants to do in the foreseeable future.
"Ali would be an amazing mum. She just has an aura of warmth about her. She'd be so loving. If we have children, I'll be the disciplinarian − she's too bloody nice!" he gushed.
Of course the biggest roadblock to Ali and Todd's happiness is their mismatched timelines- Ali is ready for marriage and kids, whereas Todd still wants to get his career in the police force going. But Todd also spilled that he could be settled in that within 18 months.
"It would be a little bit of wait for her, but that's what relationships are about -- compromise."
Will these two be going on hikes for years to come? (Image: Instagram @toddgking)
So can we expect Todd to pack his bags and make the move to Adelaide?
"I think she deserves that. She deserves someone to sacrifice for her and to uproot their life to fit into hers because in her past she's always been the one to do that," he previously told NW.
"I think it's a commendable thing... and I'm willing to make the move for her if it turns out that way, too."
Guess we'll have to wait and see if the knight in shining armour will prevail! Relive the moment he arrived at the mansion in the clip below...

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