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All the signs The Bachelorette's Ali Oetjen and Taite Radley are about to break up

Will they beat the Bachie curse? We've examined the evidence and it's not looking good!

By Alex Lilly
We may have seen some Bachelor/Bachelorette success stories over the years, but in the majority of cases, the winners don't tend to make it past six months.
In fact, in the 10 seasons of the franchise, only four couples have gone the distance and remained together. And one (yes Honey Badger we're looking at you) didn't even pick a winner.
They may be sharing loved-up snaps on social media, but behind all that PDA, rumours have gone into overdrive that Ali Oetjen and her Bachelorette beau Taite Radley are destined to break up.
So will it be third time unlucky for the blonde beauty? We've rounded up all the signs that point to an inevitable split.

Awkward body language

They may be all over one another, but according to body language and dating expert Holly Bartter, Taite isn't taking the relationship seriously.
"Taite definitely appears a little more camera-shy and aware of being overly affectionate in public, looking up where Ali looks up at him and gazing into his eyes," she told the Daily Mail.
"Taite seems to find the situation comical, playing along to humour Ali but not necessarily feeling as loving."
And you didn't need to be a body language expert to see how awkward their first joint interview was.
During a segment on The Project, host Gorgi Coghlan remarked how 'The Rat' (referring to Taite's hometown of Ballarat) is a great place to raise kids and the response is too cringe-worthy for words. Watch the clip below to see for yourself.

Taite admitted to not wanting kids

Ali made it no secret during her stint on the show that marriage and kids are in her near future, but it seems her new man isn't on the same page.
In an exclusive chat with NW, the 28 year-old bank manager revealed that he wasn't ready to start a family.
"I didn't want kids prior to coming on [the show]. Obviously it's the reason I got out of my last relationship, because I wasn't ready for that. But after I'd been single for a year and a half, I thought, 'I want to settle down now.' It's not scary."
When quizzed about marriage, Taite admitted, "It was always hard, knowing that I was going to tell Ali what she didn't want to hear. But I was just so happy that she could see that I was genuine and had her best interests at heart."
Taite even made it clear in their final one-on-one date during the show when he said, "Everything I see in you is what I want. But the only thing that scares me is your timeline. You want them [marriage and kids] so fast."
These two don't appear to be on the same page when it comes to marriage and kids. (Image: Instagram @alioetjen)

A Bachelorette producer says Taite wasn't being honest

You're not coming off well here, Taite.
In the early weeks of the show when they had some private time, Ali confessed to Taite, "The connection that I've formed with you is something so real and something that I'm looking for."
But speaking to a local publication, an unnamed Bachelorette producer has spilled some juicy gossip claiming that Taite was a "fantastic manipulator" who just wanted to leave as the runner-up.
"He only ever wanted to make it to the final two. He made it very clear from the start that while he knew winning the show is good for your public profile, becoming the heartbroken reject who gets a second chance is even better," they claimed.
And that leads neatly to our next compelling piece of evidence...
We doubt Ali would be happy with the bombshells that Taite wasn't in it for the right reasons. (Image: Instagram @alioetjen)

Taite only applied for The Bachelorette to be famous

It was the first sign that this was no fairytale romance and just goes to show that if you're going on a reality show, your dirty laundry will always come out.
Following his brief appearance on another reality dating show First Dates, Taite struck up a brief relationship with his co-star Dee Ngyuen. In a bombshell scoop from the Daily Mail the Bachelorette winner made it clear via text messages to Dee that he wanted to get his name out there.
Taite reportedly texted, "I have been looking online I would love to apply for a new other [shows]."
Dee replied saying she was considering applying for The Bachelor, to which Taite replied, "Hahaha I want to apply for that too hahaha how funny would that be."
In 2015, the reality star showed how driven he is to find fame that he posted on Facebook, "I give Facebook permission to spread my photos across the internet and make me famous. It's better to be famous than a nobody."
WATCH: The Bachelorette's Taite makes his on-screen debut on First Dates. Post continues...

Are Ali and Taite just in it for the perks?

If you follow either Ali or Taite on Instagram, your feed is most likely dominated by snaps of the couple eating delicious food, staying in swanky hotels and lying on tropical beaches. Yep, they're raking in the free meals and holidays already!
And while we know Instagram is nothing like reality, could it be that the Bachelorette lovebirds are in it for all the freebies and perks?
In many cases, stars of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette either quit their job or take extended leave to appear on the show, and when the cameras stop rolling, it can be tough to hold down a regular job. So Instagram sponsorships for everything from teeth whitening to fake tan to Uber Eats tend to be the number one way to pay the bills.
But of course, everyone loves a successful love story and no one wants to be Blake Garvey 2.0 so Ali and Taite will have to keep showing how in love they are if they want to keep those luxury resorts and helicopter rides.
Those helicopter trips won't last forever. (Image: Instagram @taiteadamradley)

Ali has a wandering eye

The phrase goes, 'Once a cheater, always a cheater,' and if that's true then Ali and Taite won't be living happily ever after together.
The blonde bombshell showed her not-so-innocent side when she was accused of cheating on her Bachelor In Paradise ex, Grant Kemp.
"Grant told me that after the show he flew Ali to Los Angeles so they could try to make a go of it, but she allegedly cheated on him with his housemate," a close friend of the American Bachelor star revealed to Woman's Day, despite previous reports Ali had broken up with the model because he propositioned her for a threesome.
Ali has shut down the claims and insists Grant is just bitter.
Guess we'll just have to watch this space. And Taite will have to watch his back.
Trouble in Paradise: Ali and Grant broke up after Ali reportedly cheated on her American boyfriend with his housemate. (Image: Network Ten)

Even the bookies expect them to break up!

And the bookies always know what's up!
According to Sportsbet.com.au, Ali and Taite are tipped to be the next Bachie break up with the odds at $1.20. Interestingly, they're followed by Australia's OG Bachelor winners Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich, who tied the knot earlier this year.
However Ali and Taite are also predicted to be the next couple to welcome a baby, beating Matty J and Laura Byrne who eagle-eyed fans suspect are due to make a pregnancy announcement in the near future.
See the full list of the next to break up predictions below.
Is a break up on the horizon? Guess we'll have to wait and see... (Image: Instagram @taiteadamradley)

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