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EXCLUSIVE: How fame tore The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod apart

''Chels really couldn't handle being in the public eye.''

By Emma Shepherd
Their love was written in the South African stars, but just two months after The Bachelor finale, Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod have gone their separate ways. Noooo!
While there's been much speculation over the break-up, NW can reveal that the pair decided to split because Chelsie, 28, couldn't deal with life in the spotlight – and Matt wasn't prepared to walk away from it.
"Chels really couldn't handle being in the public eye," a close friend tells NW. "Her anxiety got so bad that she sometimes couldn't even leave the house because she was afraid of getting mobbed or followed by fans."
That's not all. According to the insider, Matt, 32, began losing his patience after having to decline numerous TV offers because Chelsie didn't want the attention they'd bring.
"Matt lost out on a lot of really good work opportunities because Chelsie refused to take part in any of it and forced him to say no," says the source.
The revelation comes after the former couple took to their respective Instagram accounts to announce the split.
The reality star couple called it quits just two months after The Bachelor finale. (Image: Network Ten)
"Our relationship hasn't translated from filming to the real, everyday world," Matt wrote to his fans , with Chelsie later adding, "Thank you to everyone for your support during such a challenging and emotional time."
In the Bachelor finale, Matt confessed he had fallen head over heels for chemical engineer Chelsie and gifted her a "memory" ring in honour of their time on the show together.
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Speaking to Now to Love after the episode aired, Matt and Chelsie revealed just how difficult it was to keep their relationship under wraps while the show was still airing.
"[It was] bloody hard!" Matt said, but admitted he had an easier ride because he was the Bachelor, rather than a contestant.
"Probably a bit easier for me because unless I didn't pick someone, people know there's going to be someone that I'm texting so as long as I had a code name in my phone I could still message, I could still send things and people couldn't really deduce anything."
Matt admitted that their relationship just didn't translate in the real world. (Image: Network Ten)

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