The Bachelor Australia

Does this theory prove who wins The Bachelor Australia 2018?

The theory that has been accurate every time...

By Tina Burke
When it comes to The Bachelor Australia, there's nothing fans love more than a good conspiracy theory.
Forget our exclusive interviews, fans want to go rogue and speculate wildly!
One fan-favourite theory in particular has been doing the rounds after last night's episode, which saw the top three become the top two of Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman, after Brooke Blurton walked out on our dear Bachie, Nick Cummins.
We're talking, of course, about the dress theory.
Every single year in The Bachelor Australia history - bar one thanks to Snezana Markoski - the winner has been wearing a different colour dress to the other two women at the final cocktail party.
So who was wearing a different colour dress last night? Sophie. She wore a pale pink number, while Brittany and Brooke looked glamorous in black.
The Bachelor Australia top three.
If you don't believe in the theory, allow us to take you on a quick stroll down memory lane…
2014: Sam Frost wears a black gown, with Lisa and Louise wearing lighter coloured gowns.
2016: Alex Nations looks stunning in a black gown, with runners-up Nikki and Olena wearing silver and white shades.
2017: Laura Byrne wears a white dress, while Tara and Elise are stunning in gold gowns.
According to the top three dress theory rule, it would appear Sophie will win in tonight's season finale. However, another dress theory (yes, there are TWO) points to Brittany as the winner.
Another Sherlock Holmes-worthy discovery has also revealed that the winner always wears a lighter coloured dress to the runner-up in the final episode.
So what are our two lovely ladies, Brittany and Sophie, seen wearing in the trailer for the finale? Well, Sophie is wearing a pale gold crop top and beige skirt, and Brittany is wearing a slightly lighter cream lace gown.
Brittany is wearing an ever-so-slightly lighter coloured gown in the finale.
With the ladies wearing such similar colours – and the fact this is a literally just a dress theory – we can't be sure who Nick will pick tonight, if he chooses anyone at all.
After all, the trailer for tonight shows both women, and Nick's family, visibly upset by what happened with Brooke at the previous cocktail party. Plus, host Osher Günsberg promises this will be a 'shocking' finale unlike anything we've ever seen in Bachie history.
Will someone refuse a rose? Will Nick turn both women down and fly to Perth to find Brooke? Or will he end up living happily ever after with his chosen gal?
Only time will tell, and fortunately we've only got eight hours and 35 minutes as of publication. But who's counting?
The Bachelor Australia finale airs tonight, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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