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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Mary reveals the shock divide in the mansion

Two contenders have dished the dirt on one of the most explosive weeks in Bachelor history...

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Talk about drama!
The Bachelor started off with a bang this year – and according to outspoken contestant Mary Viturino, it's only going to get more fiery!
"It gets crazy," she tells OK!.
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The drama erupted when Abbie Chatfield kissed Bachelor Matt Agnew, and then she spilled to Matt, 32, what contender Monique Morley had said about him, causing more chaos in the mansion.
"The house is totally divided," says Mary, 31, who, along with many of the other girls, believes that Abbie, 23, is playing hard to win Matt's heart.
"I think she's very young, but she's being strategic," she spills.
Mary has dished her thoughts on Abbie's advances... (Network Ten)
Not only that, the Brazilian mum-of-one admits she feels Abbie has been a 'snitch', and believes it was all part of her 'game plan' to kick Monique off the show.
"I'm pretty confident she did tell Matt [what Monique said], so he would look at Monique in a different light," tells Mary.
The stunning Bachelor contestant added: "I think it's come out of jealousy. Monique seemed like a frontrunner, so Abbie did what she did!"
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Queensland resident Abbie admitted to OK! last week that she is there for Matt and not to make friends.
That being said, her actions have caused "serious drama" in the mansion, Mary reveals.
Grab your popcorn, this Bachie drama is definitely not over!

Cassandra weighs in on the scandal

Fellow contestant Cassandra Mamone, 33, backs Mary's claim the mansion is still reeling from the Abbie/Monique scandal.
"When I think about Abbie's motives, to me it was anything and everything for air time," Cassandra exclusively tells OK!.
"She grabbed what she could to put herself ahead."
Off camera, some relationships had all but broken down, she adds.
"The atmosphere is just incredibly tense."
Cassandra admits the atmosphere in the mansion is very tense. (Network Ten)

More scandal in the mansion ahead...

An insider tells OK! two girls go head-to-head in an all-out war of words.
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