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Our brand new Bachelor Locky Gilbert has described his perfect partner, and it ironically fits two previous contestants to an absolute T

The Survivor star has his mind made up.

By Jess Pullar
Locky Gilbert is ready for love - a very specific kind, it seems.
On Wednesday morning, Australia's brand new Bachelor broke his silence for the first time since it was announced he would become the next bloke to head up the show for 2020.
And what he had to say strikes an intriguing chord for what's undoubtedly about to come...
Speaking to KIIS 1065's Kyle and Jackie O, the new Bachelor got frank about his previous relationships, and what he's going to be looking for on the show.
Being completely frank, Locky, 30, said: "I'm sh**ting myself."
He continued: "I think it's just the nervousness. When you're put in that situation, where you're like, 'ah are we going to like each other?', and you just think of things as one big picture, but... I do better when I don't think."
He also reckons the multiple dates he's in for are going to be "pretty hectic".
"I wanna be skydiving, scuba diving...," he added.
Which brings us to an obvious question that we already half know the answer to - how would he describe his perfect partner?
The answer: Driven, outdoorsy and a "wicked sense of humour" hit the top of the list.
Why are we not surprised?
Locky reckons his perfect partner is driven, outdoorsy and has a wicked sense of humour. (Channel Ten)
Locky himself is no stranger to the outdoors. He's already garnered a major claim to fame in Australia by appearing on Survivor back in 2017.
He then returned to the All Stars camp for 2020, and has quickly proved to be a pro at weathering the outdoors.
Funnily enough, there are two former Bachelor contestants who spring to mind when it comes to Locky's perfect 'outdoorsy' match - the formidable Brooke Blurton of the Honey Badger's season, and Elly Miles from Matt Agnew's season.
Yep, these two Aussie stunners were straight up, down-to-earth and had plenty to say about their love for the outdoors during their time on the show.

Brooke in particular is a talented football player, and single-handedly captured Australia's hearts from her stint on The Bachelor back in 2018.
She still remains well known and loved by Aussies today, with almost 200,000 followers on Instagram.
Wonder how she'd feel about a cheeky re-appearance on the show?

That said, the new Bachelor isn't unfamiliar with having an on-air romance with a fellow reality star.
His relationship with fellow Survivor: All Stars camp mate Brooke Jowett captivated the nation as the show aired on Aussie screens.
Sizzling chemistry between the two certainly signalled there was something brewing, but needless to say, it seems things didn't quite pan out the way we'd hoped.
Locky cleared the air to Kyle and Jackie O, revealing: "Brooke's an amazing girl, but the thing is, it was filmed like 5 months ago. So, it was quite a while ago and on the show."
He added: "You just want to have that person that you can fully trust, and like, if you don't you can kind of lose your mind out there. So, me and Brooke just connected, we had lots to talk about. I think that really helped me in the game."
And while adventurous and outdoorsy are top of his list, it seems Locky is also looking for someone to help ground him a little.
"I think I'm just too excitable. Like, I just get an idea and then I run with it. I don't really think of the consequences. Like if I wanna climb a mountain I'm gonna go do it. If I wanna go off for an expedition for three months, I'll go do it," he said.
"But I need to like, find someone that can rein me in. I'm ready to find that one person that will be like, 'No Locky, let's stay home and do this', and I'll be like, 'okay I will'. So, that's the kind of person I'm looking for."
He also confirmed that marriage is definitely on the cards, telling the radio twosome: "100 per cent I wanna get married, have kids, and everything."
Looks like we're in for another Sam and Snez kinda season, folks! Bring it on.
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