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The Bachelor's Izzy Sharman-Firth debuts her new boyfriend - and she looks absolutely smitten

Outside the mansion, life is looking rosy for Izzy

By Jess Pullar
The Bachelor's Izzy Sharman-Firth has debuted her new boyfriend to the world, just months after she was dumped by Locky Gilbert who chose to go to the finale with Bachie winner Irena Srbinovska and runner-up Bella Varelis.
In the moments after her final episode aired on Wednesday evening, the ever-vibrant Izzy took the hit in her stride, chatting to media openly about her experience with no hard feelings.
And we can't blame her - it looks like Izzy made some lifelong friends while filming the show, including fellow castmates Steph and Bella, who she posted about on her Instagram page after her elimination.
"You may be surprised to know, that I did in fact find love in the mansion," she wrote alongside pictures of herself and the Bachie women.

But it was another post she shared just hours later that really got our attention - Izzy debuted her brand new boyfriend, posting a picture of the pair on a hike up a hill and writing: "And outside the mansion."
And yes, they look sufficiently adorable together. We're very happy the lovely Izzy got her happy ending.
Izzy dropped this new pic of herself and her new boyfriend. (Instagram)
The Bachie gal's fans were ecstatic for the reality star.
"So happy for you, you truly deserve it !!" Wrote one.
Another added: "Yay!!!! She deserved so much more than Locky!!!!"
The 29-year-old looks well loved up after a tumultuous experience on the show. (Instagram)
Coming from Queensland, Izzy quickly made an impression on Locky, and Australia with her charisma and bright attitude to literally everything.
And her iconic laugh certainly didn't go unnoticed.
Speaking to WHO shortly after her elimination, she spoke of the reactions she'd received since her scenes had aired.
"I shouldn't even complain because people have been really kind but there have been a few comments where people have said how annoying my laugh is or how I put it on and I don't know why I took it to heart so much. It's literally me being happy!" She explained.
"When I was watching I was thinking 'Do I laugh that much, is that really how much I laugh?' My friends remind me that people must be so miserable to make fun of your laugh, literally the thing that shows you're happy and joyous. And I'm not going to change it - I couldn't if I wanted to!"
And rightly so - we want more from Izzy please and thanks!