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EXCLUSIVE The Bachelor’s Dasha: “He only told the girls what they wanted to hear”

''He wasn't talking to me for a long time''

By Anita Lyons
Tonight's double elimination saw Dasha from Russia and dance teacher Emily without a hold of Nick Cummin's heart, and while it looked like there were no hard feelings, there were in fact, some very hard feelings.
In a chat with Dasha Gaivoronski, 32, the Russian beauty revealed how her time in the mansion was both an amazing experience and incredibly confusing.
"I think our first date was really great," Dasha admitted to Now to Love. "And I walked away with the feeling that Nick actually might have a lot of potential and our story would continue, because I really enjoyed that time together.
"I was really looking forward to what was next to come, but then it died off and he wasn't talking to me for a long time," she said. "I think he was busy with all of the other girls."
Nick Cummins and Dasha during tonight's episode of The Bachelor.
A week after Dasha's single date, the fitness instructor became very confused about the Honey Badger's feelings towards her, and this continued for months, up until she didn't receive a rose.
"To me, he seemed like a completely different person to what he came across to all the other girls," she said.
"Everyone else had a different experience and the things he was saying was really confusing. He'd tell one girl he wanted to settle down, but then someone else, that he didn't want to settle down for five years and go travelling.
"I think when he spoke to each of the girls; he was saying whatever they wanted to hear."

As it turns out, one thing each Bachie babe didn't want to hear was a particular phrase Nick kept using.
"'I'm on a really tight schedule', he would say when he came into each cocktail party," she revealed, as he brushed the women off to talk to someone else.
"It was such a small phrase but he used to say it all the time," she said. "I thought it sounded a bit weird but I thought, 'alright, we'll roll with that because of the situation we are in'."
"I was just trying to focus on the big picture and not let that small stuff get to me. But it wasn't nice to hear."

While Dasha was not the one for Nick (and vice versa it seems), the experience made her realise exactly what she now wants in a man.
"I definitely am looking for a male version of myself," she said. "Somebody who is really driven and focused on what they are doing."
We wish you all the best, Dasha and we hope you find someone on less of a "tight schedule"...