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A brand new promo video for The Bachelor finale shows Matt Agnew totally freaking out

Matt looks stressed AF!

By Rebecca Sullivan
We're just one sleep away from knowing exactly who our Bachie Matt Agnew will choose as the woman he wants by his side.
Helena, Chelsie and Abbie are our final three contestants and speculation has gone into overdrive about exactly what will go down on the final two episodes this season.
Now a brand new promo has just dropped this morning, showing Matt Agnew in a world of pain as he has to make the heartbreaking decision about which woman to take home with him.
In a tense new video, which you can watch in the player above, a suited-up Matt is shown looking sad and anguished, closing his eyes and rubbing his face as he is forced to make the tough choice.
"I want to walk away from this with the love of my life," Matt says in the video.
"This is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do," he says, before adding, "I just don't know anymore."
Matt looks stressed and anxious in the new promo. Channel 10
"I just don't know anymore," Matt says. Channel 10
And the new video has revealed a juicy bit of info about exactly how the finale will play out.
The promo shows Matt looking at a ring in a jewellery box as he prepares to make his decision.
It's unclear if the ring is an engagement ring, or simply a "promise" or "commitment" ring, as has been given out to the winning contestants in previous seasons.
Matt looks at the ring he has chosen to give his chosen woman. Channel 10
While we wait for finale week to officially begin, social media has gone into overdrive with conspiracy theories about exactly who will win.
Eagle-eyed fans have come up with one very interesting theory - with photo evidence! - which they say absolutely proves what the outcome will be.
A photo collage being circulated widely on Facebook shows a mashup of the "final three" promo photos that Channel 10 have issued during the finale weeks on previous seasons The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.
In every single photo, the contestant who ended up winning is always standing in the middle.
WATCH BELOW: Matt Agnew reveals his entire health and fitness regimen. Story continues after video.
As you can see below, winners Lee Elliott (from Georgia Love's season), Sasha Mielczarek (from Sam Frost's season), Stu Laundy (from Sophie Monk's season) and Alex Nation (from Richie Strahan's season), are all standing in the middle in these photos.
What do you think? Is this theory legit? Facebook
What do you think? Dodgy conspiracy theory or legit intel?
We'll have to tune in tonight and tomorrow to find out.

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