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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s final four ladies shock confessions about their relationship with Bachelor Locky

''Locky’s falling for me.''

The Bachelor finale is almost here, with Locky Gilbert reaching his final four ladies.
Bella, Irena, Bec and Izzy remain in the mansion, hoping to win over Locky and be the final lady standing with rose in hand.
We've already seen in the first teaser for the show that this season's Bachie finds himself torn between two women, revealing he's fallen for both of them.
"I'm falling in love with ya," he states" - before vision of him breaking down while wearing a fancy suit is shown.
Locky is clearly torn between choosing just one woman, stating: "I'm in love with both of them. It's ripping me apart. You don't break up with someone that you love."
Ahead of the dramatic finale, TV WEEK chats to all four finalists to learn the truth about their connection with Locky.
(L to R) Irena, Bec, Bella and Izzy hope they're the last lady standing. (Channel Ten)

Bella: “We’ve said ‘love you’”

Bella and Locky admitted they'd fallen for each other on their second single date on The Bachelor. But the early favourite didn't want to rush into a declaration of love.
"We've both said 'love heart emoji you' over text, but not the full sentence yet," Bella, 25, tells TV WEEK. "Those three words mean a lot to me and Locky knows that, so it's not something I take lightly."
The NSW marketing consultant says spending time talking with Locky outside of filming really helped them build a connection.
"There were months between filming and Locky and I would FaceTime for hours a day. We just enjoyed each other's virtual company."
Bella doesn't think she'll be rushing into a wedding, but she has thought about it.
"If Locky and I were to get married, it would probably be in Greece somewhere with our nearest and dearest."
Could Bella be The One for Locky? (Channel Ten)

Irena: “Locky’s falling for me”

Nurse Irena has had a "special connection" with Locky from the beginning.
"I knew I had fallen for him when I couldn't imagine my future without him," she tells TV WEEK. "I have told Locky that I love him.
"I think Locky might be falling for me at this point. I can tell by the way he looks at me and our chemistry when we are together."
The 31-year-old from Victoria says their chemistry is "amazing".
"We can't keep our hands off each other but we also balance each other. I feel very safe and warm when I'm with Locky."
Irena says she and Locky both want children, but not for a couple of years.
"I think he would be a fun but very protective dad. He would be the parent that let the kids get away with everything."
Irena has been a frontrunner since she entered the mansion. (Channel Ten)

Izzy: “Our secret kisses”

Viewers didn't see much of Izzy in the early weeks of The Bachelor, but all that changed after lockdown.
"Things with Locky moved really quickly after getting back to the mansion," the Queensland HR adviser says. "I've definitely got strong feelings for Locky and can see them continuing to develop."
There were secret kisses at a cocktail party.
"We shared a few kisses that the other girls didn't know about," she says.
That followed on from the cocktail party where Izzy gave Locky a piercing.
"I re-pierced his ear and gave him one of my earrings."
Izzy, 29, says Locky gives her a lot of reassurance.
"He opened up about how strongly he felt towards me and has told me he was falling for me quite a few times. We're definitely getting swept up pretty r
Izzy could be the underdog of the season. (Channel Ten)

Bec: “He makes me feel like the only one”

Intruder Bec has been making up for lost time. She says she and Locky have spoken a lot about their future: "our future home, jobs, travel plans, etc".
"Whenever I am with Locky, he always makes me feel like I am the only one," she explains.
The 25-year-old Queensland beauty consultant says she's "falling hard" for Locky.
"I have never fallen so quickly for someone in my life. I guess that in itself speaks volumes."
The two of them were talking babies on the day they met.
"I want four to six kids, so I have to get that ball rolling!" Bec says. "I think Locky would be an incredible dad. He's got such a caring, gentle side."
She says viewers are only seeing "parts of a longer love story" between her and Locky.
"But it's almost nice to keep some special moments private," she adds.
Coming in late hasn't hindered Bec's connection. (Channel Ten)

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