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The Bachelor Australia 2018: Cass Wood interrogated by lie-detector to reveal the truth behind her history with Nick

Finally, some answers.

There's no denying The Bachelor Australia's Cass Wood has strong feelings for Nick Cummins. Indeed, her affections were apparent as soon as she stepped out of the limo and revealed that she and the Honey Badger already had a history.
But as the season has progressed, the 23-year-old blonde has kept us guessing the extent of their previous encounters.
We have questions: Did they date date? Were they a serious couple? Did they kiss on multiple occasions?
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23-year-old Cass Wood has a history with Nick Cummins.
Now it looks like all will be revealed in a telling episode on Wednesday, where Cass will undergo an intense interrogation via a 'human lie detector'.
In a sneak peak, Cass is shown looking flustered under the stern gaze of the FBI-trained professional when he asks her how many dates she has been on with Nick.
A clearly uncomfortable Cass replies: "Sorry do you mind if I have water?"
Nothing gets past the lie-detector though – he quickly shoots back at her: "Why?"
Watch the moment in the video above!
Cass is visibly uncomfortable during a 'human lie detector' interrogation.
Lucky for Cass, it looks like a few of the other girls won't be getting out unscathed either.
Intruder Jamie-Lee and Sophie also look confronted when asked questions such as, "Are you a controlling person?" and "how important is compatibility to you in a relationship?"
The 'human lie detector' is an FBI-trained professional!
The girls are clearly reluctant to answer some of his questions.
Nick might be in for some interesting revelations!
"It's very intimidating sitting across from him," Jamie-Lee says.
Safe to say this will be a very telling episode!
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