The Bachelor Australia

Bec's intruder twist on The Bachelor gets everyone talking - and for a good reason

And here comes the curve ball.

By Jess Pullar
No matter how beige, bland or boring those inevitable mid-season episodes of The Bachelor are, this show will always find a way to surprise us.
In episode nine, that surprise came in the form of one Bec Cvilikas - an intruder who arrived ready and rearing to bring a well intended curve ball to the dynamics already established between Locky and his potential rosettes.
And for many, Bec's arrival was highly anticipated, because we actually already had a fair picture of who she was, and what she would go on to do on the show.
Yep, just a few weeks ago the Daily Mail broke pictures of what appeared to be the final five women in the running for the show, and lo and behold, Bec was among them.
Bec made a quick impression on Locky in episode nine. (Network Ten)
That's why when last night's episode aired, we were all the more intrigued to see how her and Locky's relationship would play out.
And unsurprisingly, they got along like a house on fire.
Like, really well. Even over those awkward Zoom dates, the pair seemed to make a very easy, genuine connection.

Naturally, fans flocked to the only place they know and love when it comes to voicing their thoughts on the show - social media.
And as to be expected, they had, well, a lot of thoughts.
One fan pointed out that Bec's very quick impression made on Locky was about to spur a very predictable narrative.
"Now that Bec got a rose, the rest of the episode will show the girls freaking out cos she got a rose on the first date," they wrote.
While there's no doubt that Bec goes far, another pointed out a rather telling clue to suggest she doesn't go all the way.
"Correct me if I'm wrong...BUT anytime a Bachelor or Bachelorette states "I could spend the rest of my life with __" on the first date, that's an alarm for what's normally another failed Bachie relationship right? Like ease it in Lockie," they wrote.
Some where also intrigued at how Bec was going to slot into the, er, interesting dynamics of the cocktail parties.
Here are some more reactions that tickled us.
Stay tuned for the next instalment - we're sure it'll be just as thrilling...