The Bachelor Australia

EXCLUSIVE: Jay opens up after catching Jimmy's eye on The Bachelor and winning the business lounge key

But will she get the key to his heart?

By Laura Masia
When Jay walked down the red carpet to meet pilot Jimmy Nicholson in The Bachelor Australia, she was hoping to impress with her chess skills.
It didn't work, but as they played, it became clear to the 31-year-old she wouldn't need to keep herself in check.
Jay is one of 23 beautiful ladies hoping to win Jimmy's heart. Network 10
"Once I started chatting to Jimmy, I felt strangely at ease," Jay tells TV WEEK.
"There aren't many people who make me feel like that so soon.
"Even when the chess game didn't go to plan, I felt like I could just be myself and have a laugh about it."
Despite her opening gambit not quite working, the sparks were undeniable, with Jimmy gifting her the first advantage of the season: the business lounge key.
During their one-on-one time, they realised how much they had in common, including their New Zealand and Fijian heritage.
But it wasn't until they started swapping jokes that Jay realised Jimmy could be the one for her.
Jay loved Jimmy's "I'm on my knight shift" chess joke. Network 10
"I offered a bit of cheeky banter about how he didn't know how to play chess and really should learn," Jay recalls.
"He quick-wittedly fired back with a grin, 'Maybe you could learn as well.'
"At that point, I thought, 'Maybe I've met my match.'"

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