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Osher Günsberg has teased a scandalous The Bachelor reunion episode that has fans screaming for more

''We pitch it every year.''

It is the biggest question asked by viewers as The Bachelor season comes to an end: Are the happy couple, in this case Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska, still together after finding love on the show?
It didn't take long to get the answer to our burning question.
In the moments after the finale, both Locky and Irena made it very clear that they are still together, and still very much in love.
Sharing a sweet pic of the pair to her Instagram page, Irena wrote: "I got the man of my dreams and I couldn't be happier. I love you so much."
The couple are still loved up! (Channel Ten)
But, with the finale episode coming to what many fans feel is a sudden end, they've been left wanting more.
Hungry for answers about Irena and Locky's relationship since the show, what Irena thinks of Locky's declaration of love for Bella, and how Bella feels about her brutal end on the show, viewers are calling for a reunion episode.
Even Bachie super host himself, Osher Günsberg, is hoping to bring everyone back for what we can only assume would be a scandalous and juicy piece of television.
Taking to Twitter as he spectacularly does during Bachelor episodes, Osher tweeted: "'If ever there was a season to do a reunion show, it would be this season. #TheBachelorAU."

After a finale like that, he's not wrong.
A fan then replied to the tweet: "'Why no after the final rose or women tell all? The ending to the show feels like it's incomplete #bachelorau."
But, it turns out Osher had already tried to float the idea.
"We pitch it every year, but we've only got it up a few times. #thebachelorau."
After that shock ending, fans want more. (Channel Ten)
Reality TV reunion episodes are notoriously drama-filled. As disgruntled stars all return with behind-the-scenes gossip and revelations of un-aired drama, a Locky Gilbert Bachelor reunion would have been a sight to behold.
Fans were screaming in response even comedian Urzila Carlson wrote to Osher: 'Make it so!!! I want to be there in the room for it! I'll quarantine again."
"Can we PLEASE make this a thing from now on. We need the drama," another fan responded.
But it looks like it will be another year in which we don't get to see a reunion drama.

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