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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor's Kaitlyn reveals one sentence Locky said to her that changed everything - but it never went to air

One word: Blindsided.

By Jess Pullar
Kaitlyn Hoppe's entrance on The Bachelor Australia can safely be named as one of the most memorable in the show's history.
Nope, it wasn't your typical quirky limo + red carpet slow-walk-awkward-small-chat kinda vibe - Kaitlyn was an intruder, brought in during the second episode, and boy did she show up... in a wedding dress, no less.
The 26-year-old quickly proved herself a leading contender for Locky's heart - their steamy photoshoot was case in point when the pair looked the image of literal newlyweds, eyes locked, high intensity.
Well, that was until they weren't.
As Kaitlyn's time on the show went on, it seemed we saw less and less of the real estate assistant - sure, she'd pop in with a few one-liners every now and again, as well as appearing in the odd group date.
But while it seemed that Kaitlyn took somewhat of a backseat throughout her final few episodes (and post-lockdown) on-screen, behind the scenes, there was actually a hell of a lot more going on.
In a chat with Now To Love after her elimination in the tenth episode, she reveals the details that never made it to air - and one line that Locky told her that gave her a completely different impression to how things actually unfolded.
Kaitlyn and Locky made a quick connection - but the cameras didn't depict everything that went down. (Network Ten)
Now To Love: We're sad to see you go, Kaitlyn! How did it feel watching your final episode back last night?
Kaitlyn: I'll be honest I actually didn't watch it. I knew it was going to be emotional and it was such a rollercoaster to film it.
Oh really? Was there more to it than what we saw on screen?
Yeah, it really sucks. We had such a strong connection and we had all these amazing conversations about meeting his family and what we want from life.
Even in Love and Lockdown, we really had a strong connection. So it's very difficult to step back and obviously he had that with some of the other girls but it's hard for me to watch.
That must have been so hard, sorry you had to go through that! So did no one else know the extent of your connection with Locky?
Yeah, when I got back to the mansion everyone thought I wasn't even a contender, they thought I was just there for entertainment.
But then I told them how much we bonded over lockdown and they realised it, but it's a shame that wasn't really shown at the mansion and on screen.
On the group dates we connected so well, but that wasn't shown, and we had some extension time that wasn't shown. That was the reason why I thought I wasn't going home.
Honestly, we [she and Locky] were going to the next level, we wanted to meet each other's family.
And I actually said to him, "Look Locky you haven't given me a single date," but he was firm. He said he wanted to explore things with me further, but I guess I just wasn't at that level.
Oof. That's brutal.
Yeah, it sucks because I really truly felt it, I don't buy into bullsh*t. I was 100 per cent there for the right reason.
Kaitlyn says the extent of her relationship with Locky wasn't shown on-screen. (Network Ten)
So what do you think of your final edit given it didn't seem to portray the extent of your connection with Locky?
I wouldn't say [the edit] was portraying me in the wrong way, but I think the edit didn't show the real intimacy of Locky and I. That's the only thing I'm really disappointed in.
And it really didn't show my more intelligent side - like yes I've got a really bubbly personality, but I had some really deep conversations with him, and he even said to me, "You're a lot smarter than what people think you are".
So why do you think he 180'd after you guys got so close?
I guess when I walked into the show I feel like he was holding back from me, I feel like he was already in love with someone, but I knew that there was something there.
I did tell him that, I told him, "I feel like you're holding back."
So watching it back I expected it would show that we had at least something. It's very confusing.
And after Love in Lockdown, it was heartbreaking seeing the other girls get a date - so I asked him, "why haven't you taken me on a date?"
And you know what he told me? He goes, "It's because I trust our connection already."
That's why I was so confident, and then when I [didn't get a rose] it was really confusing.
Ah, that really sucks, it sounds like he blindsided you. The woes of modern dating, right?
Yeah, I went on the show to avoid modern dating and actually find true love, but yeah, it's hard. I know Locky has the right intentions though.
During Love in Lockdown, Kaitlyn and Locky's connection grew even more. (Network Ten)
How are you feeling now it's been a couple of months since it happened?
I've come out of this a lot more stronger, and I've learnt to value myself a lot more.
I was a bit of a party girl and I didn't really know what was right and what was wrong, like I was going for more immature men - but I feel like I've grown up through this experience.
I feel like a completely different person, I got heartbroken. But I would love to find love.
We love to see it! So what's next for you?
I would love to do another reality TV show - I'd do a dating show again for sure. Or something like The Block. I just need to find someone to do it with!
Ha, like a Bachelor crossover on The Block, can you imagine.
[Laughs], yeah!
The Gold Coaster is keen to do more reality TV. (Network Ten)
Let's also talk about the whole Irena and Bella situation - it seems like everyone is taking sides, what are your thoughts on it?
I was very confused by the sides thing - I don't have sheep mentality, and Irena was very isolated [after the Bella fallout] and I know how that feels.
I knew she wasn't okay so I wanted to make sure she was okay.
She means so well, honestly she was so invested in the experience, so I got closer with her.
And she was the exact same in the house as she is in the real world, some of the other girls were completely different, but Irena is what she is on the show.
And yes, she loves hiking, that's her passion. Shes not faking it for him.
That's why I had a really big soft spot for her. And I didn't realise her connection [with Locky] was so strong until I saw it on a group date. When I saw Irena with him on the group date I was like, "Oh my God, they've got such a strong connection."
And with that said, who do you reckon is going to win?
I want Irena to be the winner, I have no idea but I hope it's her.

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