The Bachelor Australia

Five smoking hot Aussie guys we want as The Bachelor in 2020

They're sexy, interesting, can actually hold a decent conversation.

By Rebecca Sullivan
Sorry Matt Agnew, but we're getting a little bored of you on this year's season of The Bachelor.
Look, you're lovely and you have some exceptional biceps, but we have short attention spans and we're getting a little thirsty for some fresh meat to get excited about.
So while you're off deciding whether to make Elly, Helena or Chelsie the woman of your dreams, we're already thinking about 2020 and which Aussie hunk we want to star as our Bachie next year.
We've picked five smoking hot Aussie guys who would make an excellent 2020 Bachie - keep scrolling to find out exactly who they are.

The hot skydiver bloke from last night's episode

Is she happy because she's skydiving, or because she's holding hands with the hot skydiver guy? Channel 10
Soz Matt, but his stubble is amaze. Channel 10
On Wednesday night's episode of The Bachelor, sadly Matt's gigantic arm muscles played second fiddle to another sexy man, the random hot skydiver dude.
The handsome European clung his tanned body tightly to Helena, who didn't seem to mind one bit that this hot stranger was hurtling through the air with her, and we can't blame her, really!
Viewers were loving him too. "Umm screw Matt, what about the hot sky diver guy that is attached to Helena!!!" one fan wrote on Twitter, while another said, "'Thank god for Matt'? Kristen I think you mean 'Thank god for this cute skydiver who got me to the ground alive'. He's cuter too ... race him off instead gurl".
So the Hot Skydiver does have an actual name, Charly Rusconi (Fan page Bachiefunny found his Instagram account, you're bloody welcome).
A quick stalk of his account reveals this professional skydiver is indeed Certified Handsome and loves the beach, surfing, photography and other generic hot guy hobbies.
And OK, so he's technically not Australian, but he lives and works here, so that counts, right?
He seems like a super nice bloke and this quote in his Instagram bio - "A kind act can be as powerful as a sword" - shows he's the real deal.
Man, he is cute. Instagram
Charly rocking the hell out of that wetsuit. Instagram

Darren McMullen

Darren McMullen during THAT famous shirtless scene in SeaChange. Channel Nine
Former MTV VJ and host of The Voice Darren McMullen has made a career comeback this year on the new reboot season of SeaChange, as "30-something, impossibly handsome, ripped marine biologist" Findlay Knox.
Fans of the show couldn't get enough of Darren's steamy debut scene, where he emerges from the water completely shirtless, revealing a rippling set of abs.
His willingness to take his shirt off and stick to a strict diet and exercise regimen in preparation for those shots - Darren told Now To Love he didn't eat carbs or wine for two weeks beforehand - would come in handy for this Bachie-in-the making.
The Scottish hottie has dated stars including Delta Goodrem and US actress Crystal Reed, but has been single since March.
Channel 10, we're ready and waiting!

Liam Hemsworth

Someone Photoshopped Liam's head in this meme and we're totally here for it. Supplied
Just days after Liam Hemsworth announced his heartbreaking split with Miley Cyrus, fans were already calling for the 29-year-old Aussie hottie to be the Bachelor next year.
"Please Channel Ten make this a thing...tag a friend who would apply 👏🏻🌹," read a post on the Bachelor Memes Facebook page, alongside a hilarious Photoshopped image of Liam as the Bachelor.
And fans were immediately on board!
"Oh sh*t!! I'm in," one person wrote, with another joking, "I think I'd have a stroke."
Hilariously, some people tagged their own partners in the post and admitted that unfortunately, they might be dumped if Liam's new Bachie gig were to go ahead.
One fan wrote to her partner: "[Partner's name] it has been good to be with you, but its time for me to follow my heart😂".
And fans also came up with some hilarious hashtags we're obsessed with: #liamdeservestruelove, #liamforbachelor2020 and #introducemetochris.
WATCH BELOW: Liam Hemsworth's poignant 2015 interview - "I will always love Miley". Story continues after video.

Lincoln Younes

Lincoln Younes on the set of his new show Grand Hotel. Instagram
Former Home and Away star Lincoln Younes has many talents, but our favourite one is looking good with his shirt off.
If you're one of the 256,000 people who follow Lincoln on Instagram, you'll know that the actor who played Casey Braxton on the hit soapie is currently based in Los Angeles.
He's managed to successfully make the transition from soap star to Hollywood actor and is currently starring alongside Eva Longoria on the hit new US TV show Grand Hotel.
"She's one of the most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet," Lincoln told OK! magazine of his co-star, who also directs and produces the show.
"She's generous, she's engaged and she wants to help – and [her 14-month-old son] Santi became our little producer. I've become an unofficial babysitter!"
So he's already hobnobbing with Hollywood royalty in LA - could Ten convince him to come home for six weeks of filming?
We certainly hope so.

John Eastoe from Survivor Australia 2019

John from Survivor quickly became a fan favourite. Channel 10
Hardcore Survivor fans were devastated when their favourite gloriously mulleted Kalgoorlie miner John Eastoe was booted from the show on Tuesday night.
But there is a silver lining already. Fans are calling for John to be the next Bachelor and he says he was totally up for it!
When asked by TV WEEK if he's consider signing onto the show, John said he'd be completely on board.
"Look, if the offer was there I'd do it just because I think it'd be a hell of a laugh and, I mean, if you can meet someone out of it then why not," he said.
"But, yeah… it's been a while since I've worn a suit, I only really wear one when I go to the races so I might require a fair makeover to meet the standard but, hey, I'd be keen," he joked.
Channel 10, you know what to do.