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The Bachelor Locky Gilbert is hitting back at critics online with some VERY savage comments


By Maddison Hockey
From the moment Australian Survivor star Locky Gilbert was announced as the next Bachelor for 2020 he's faced A LOT of criticism and backlash.
And, unfortunately for the hunky adventurer, it didn't let up much as his season played out.
Locky kept his poise and composure throughout the season despite rumours and past indiscretions being dug up.
But, now the season has ended, it appears he's changed his tact.
Locky's come across as the perfect gentleman on screen. (Channel Ten)
In screenshots captured by So Dramatic! podcast, Locky is seen responding to comments from fans, who let's just say, weren't his biggest fans.
"I've concluded, I think you are perhaps a very good actor… It's sad to see this show & some of the people in it, have not acted authentically," one viewer wrote.
To which Locky simply replied: "Haha ok Karen".
This wasn't the user's name, instead "Karen" being a millennial insult for an older woman who is entitled, demanding and/or out of touch.
Locky isn't taking any more criticism. (Instagram)
Another viewer also slammed Locky, writing: "Looks like you're bored already and we'll just have to watch the contracted charade play out until it expires. Bella dodged a big bogan bullet."
Locky wasn't having it, however, responding: "Haha but you are the one invested in my life so much, you need a hobby."
Even Bachelor alumni Megan Marx chimed in to comment: "He has zero class."
Locky chose Irena at the end of season. (Channel Ten)
While it seems Locky's suddenly developed a little sassiness overnight, we can't blame him snapping back over comments that would frankly have us deleting social media all together.
Backlash and hateful comments have unfortunately become part and parcel of the reality TV experience. Something we hope will change, sooner rather than later.

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