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The Bachelor's Abbie's secret: Is she still in love with her ex?

The drama continues...

By NW team
Abbie Chatfield is determined to win the heart of Bachelor Matt Agnew after admitting that she felt "defeated about her love life" when a previous relationship ended.
But an insider tells NW the 23-year-old is still not over her ex!
"Abbie was saying she still had feelings for him before entering the mansion," the insider spills.
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"We've also heard from the girls that she told them she was still in love with an ex."
Eek! So is Abbie just leading Matt down the Bachie mansion's garden path?
We take a look at who the mystery man still holding the key to Abbie's heart could be...
Is Abbie still harbouring feelings for an ex? (Network Ten)
NW can reveal her former flame Greg Gregor – a Scottish backpacker Abbie dated at the end of last year – is a likely candidate.
"We were together in December and January," Greg tells NW.
"I met her through my sister when she was on holidays in Scotland. We got along straight away – we had fun and travelled together."
WATCH: The Bachelor's Monique plays NW's Never Have I Ever. Story continues after video...
Abbie has been at the centre of controversy in the mansion, especially following that dog c--- comment.
Despite this, Abbie hasn't wavered from making it clear she's interested in Matt.
In a recent Instagram snap, Abbie captioned a picture of herself gazing romantically at Matt with "Only here for you 🌹#thebachelorau."
Her followers were keen to support her in the comments section.
"The only girl that actually understands what the bachelor is all about lol #nogirlcodehere," one wrote.
"All the other girls hating for her doing EXACTLY what they would have done put in those situations," said another.

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