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A four-night cocktail party and a hairdressing disaster: The biggest secrets from behind the scenes of The Bachelor

This show is full of surprises!

By Woman's Day team
As another season of The Bachelor kicks off, it's got us wondering - what's really going on behind the scenes of those drama-filled cocktail parties and highly anticipated dates?
Well, Woman's Day found out exactly that. Keep scrolling as we uncover some unexpected behind-the-scenes secrets from the reality television set.
The very first evening in the Bachelor mansion is filmed over four nights!
With one night reserved purely for Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson and host Osher Gunsberg, the next two nights the women are split into two groups. On the fourth night, Jimmy's finally able to enjoy his first drinks with them.
Due to the prolonged shoots that sometimes happen over multiple days, the continuity team constantly struggle over the ladies, who always want to switch up their hairstyles.
"It's a bit of a nightmare. A lot of the girls wanted their hair styled in more elaborate ways but they weren't approved by producers because they were too hard to recreate!" says one source.
Out of all the past Bachelors, Jimmy, 31, was said to have found shooting the most "daunting"
The source said there were "producers working overtime to keep him relaxed".
"He was constantly reminded to just breathe and look at the girls in front of him. He had an earpiece the whole time so producers could tell him the girls' names and help him with a few tips and small talk," adds the insider.
Jimmy was super nervous on-set, apparently. (Channel 10)
Contestants were "up in arms"
While the girls fighting for time with the Bachelor is nothing new, our source tells us that this season, the women were "up in arms" over getting their one-on-one time with Jimmy, particularly after a clear-cut winner presented herself pretty early on in the competition.
The source says, "Producers were doing everything they could to keep this girl and her connection with Jimmy under wraps, which meant they had to give more opportunities to certain girls who they believed never stood a chance with him."
Wondering why this year's line-up of ladies are a little more... intellectual? You can thank Jimmy for that!
He had specified that he was "only interested in strong independent women who had promising career aspirations", says the source.
And while producers were worried that the girls wouldn't stir up enough drama, they were put at ease once they realised that "even the smartest of women can lose their cool when competing against other women".
The women weren't afraid of showing just how much they wanted that coveted one-on-one time. (Channel 10)
Take a good look at The Bachelor as we know it
Our source spills that this season "could be the last time we see the launch episode follow this format".
It's believed that in future, producers will follow a different path to introduce the contestants – and will be using Brooke Blurton's Bachelorette season later this year as the launching pad.

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