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EXCLUSIVE: The REAL reason Elly confronted Matt about Abbie revealed

You're not going to believe why...

By NW team
Tonight's explosive was more explosive than a bag of TNT and it was all thanks to our country gal Elly Miles who had a lot to say about the show's villain, Abbie Chatfield.
Speaking exclusively to NW this week, the 25-year-old let it slip just why she chose to confront Bachie hunk Matt Agnew,32, about her concerns that her rival Abbie was not on the show for the right reasons.
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Ellie revealed why she chose to confront Bachie hunk Matt! (Source: Network Ten)
"I don't know whether she [Abbie] got caught up in it thinking that it was like a competition, you know a bit of a game!" dishes Elly.
"Something to win, but it just got frustrating towards the end and not easy to ignore, because she was one way when the cameras were off and another when they were on," she adds.
But wait there's more to this story...
According to the fan-favourite, Abbie, 23, is not only being disingenuous and frankly just a little bit fake, she's also had other ideas about her future and it doesn't look like it includes Matt!
"At the time there were comments being made about going on Bachelor In Paradise and Abbie seemed keen. So I questioned whether she was here for the right reasons if she was already thinking about life without Matt on a different TV show," Elly admits.
"She was very vocal about wanting to appear on the program," she adds.
Matt during his chat with Elly at the cocktail party tonight. (Source: Network Ten)
Meanwhile, the drama unfolded on tonight's ep when Elly decided to whisk Matt away for a secret chin-wag.
"I've had something that I've wanted to share with you," Elly says. "What I really need you to know is that I really like you and I'm here 110% for you and you're a priority for me."
"I guess, I don't like talking ill about people but I don't think Abbie's taking this thing very seriously. I don't know if she has the most pure intentions."
"I do appreciate you telling me," Matt says. "I imagine it can be uncomfortable because they're people that you're living with and I get that."
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