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The Bachelor's Rachael Arahill on the verge of a breakdown

''I can't take it anymore!''

Ever since turning up at the Bachie mansion in a wedding dress on night one, 23-year-old Rachael Arahill has been a target for online trolls.
But it's not just her bold entrance that has stirred up the haters – her plump pout has become a target for mean comments too.
"She can't take it anymore," an NW insider tells. "All the bullying and trolling is affecting her mental wellbeing. The online nastiness is getting worse and she's had enough."
The source adds that she's tried to discuss it with her fellow Bachelorettes, but her complaints aren't generating much sympathy.
"Rachael feels like they just don't understand what she's going through," our informant explains. "She's been saying to the other girls, 'At least you guys are liked – everyone absolutely hates me I can't take it anymore.
"It's just getting so overwhelming!'"
Sadly, the bad vibes aren't likely to stop, especially as the series continues. "When a certain episode airs this week, she'll be even more unpopular," spills our spy.
Meanwhile, at Wednesday's explosive cocktail party, Matt will send one girl packing before the rose ceremony even begins! Grab your popcorn and get ready for even more drama...
The online bullying is just getting to be too much for the bubbly blonde. Source: Network Ten
The juicy scoop comes after rumours circulated that the blonde babe was caught getting cosy with a male producer right under Matt's nose during filming!
"Rachael tried cracking onto the producer in front of the girls and a few other crew members," dishes our show insider. "She had no shame, but for everyone else, it was really uncomfortable to watch."
And the 23-year-old wasn't subtle in her approach.
"She was caught multiple times writing her number down on pieces of paper and had some of the girls in the house hand it to him!" continues our exclusive informant.
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Rachael is struggling behind the scenes. Image: Instagram

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