The Bachelor Australia

The first trailer for this year's Bachelor is finally here and we're in love already

The nation is already swooning for Matt Agnew.

By Alex Lilly
Our 2019 Bachelor is coming in hot, and he's out of this world!
The first trailer for the new season of the hit dating show dropped on Wednesday morning and it's safe to say that fans are already smitten with the 31 year-old star of the show, Matt Agnew.
The new trailer begins with Clean Bandit and Jess Glynne's Real Love playing as a red heart-shaped meteor shooting towards earth.
Numerous ladies dressed in red notice as it flies over Australia before the meteor falls to earth and Matt, dressed in a navy blue suit without his trademark glasses, emerges from it in an empty street.
As he lands, we see him slowly stand and walk through the street followed by various women in long red gowns before he is finally greeted by the nation's favourite wingman Osher Gunsberg who hands him a bunch of roses and says "You're going to need these," before Matt drives off in a limousine.
Watch the full trailer in the player above!
Our new Bachelor is coming in hot! (Image: Network Ten)
Hello Mr Agnew! (Image: Network Ten)
As of now, we have no official premiere date but the man of the hour has said a few words about his experience.
In a statement from Channel Ten, Matt revealed, "I'm really hoping to fall in love. It's the best feeling in the world! I'm at a stage in my life where I'm established in my career, I own my own home and finding someone to share my life with would make it the trifecta."
"I want someone who doesn't take themselves too seriously and we can just have a laugh and fun together," he previously told Woman's Day. "I'm looking for a best friend, the same way I've seen so many of my friends find one in their partners."
Get to know Matt Agnew in the video below. Post continues after video...
After clips of the trailer dropped on the official Bachelor Instagram account, people were fanning themselves over how good the 31 year-old singleton looked.
"Dammmmmm he's hot!!! ❤️❤️" one follower commented.
"He's an astrophysicist he can talk about star dust in detail ✨😍" said another.
Even Yvie Jones, who is the best friend of this year's Bachelorette Angie Kent commented, "He is hot!!!! Just get him and @angiekent_ together already and call the whole thing off!!" when Osher shared the trailer on his Instagram account.
Yep. We're in love. (Image: Network Ten)
And unlike the Sophie Monks and Nick Cummins of former series, some were relieved to hear that Channel Ten had opted for an unknown over a famous face.
"Ohhhhh yay! A person we don't know again! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 I prefer normal people than celebrities!"

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