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Does Chelsie win The Bachelor Australia 2019?

Is Chelsie the one for Matt Agnew?

By Karina Recchi
It was clear from the beginning of The Bachelor Australia that Matt and civil engineer Chelsie had serious chemistry.
"It was automatic," Chelsie, 29, enthuses. "As soon as we were together, we just clicked."
And apparently it was obvious to a particular Bachelorette, too, with Mary telling TV WEEK she thinks the two are perfect for each other.
"Chelsie lives close to him and they're both nerds," she says, likening Matt, 32, to one of TV's greatest characters.
"He's Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory – and she's the hot blonde," she says. "But she's intelligent too, so that's the perfect mix. Those nerdy guys love hot girls, but she's both!"
Recently eliminated contestant Cass agrees, saying they're a good match.
"I think Chelsie is a good match for him when you look at star signs, careers, states they live in," she says.
Chelsie + Matt = the recipe for romance.
But not everyone agreed with Mary and Cass.
"All the girls thought Elly..." Mary says. "Yeah, they have some cute moments, but they have nothing in common. Chelsie is a better choice for him."
Meanwhile, Chelsie tells TV WEEK that as her feelings for Matt continue to grow, she's trying to block out the competition.
"I'm just trying to focus on what Matt and I have," she says. "But it's not nice to hear about connections with other girls, because it does make you doubt what you have with Matt. It's definitely hard, but we have a strong connection and we'll just keep building on that."
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The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on 10.

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