The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia 2018: Fans (and Britt!) react to one of the most heart-wrenching episodes to date

We literally felt our hearts break.

By Jess Pullar
There's only one word that really sums up last night's episode of The Bachelor Australia: Woah.
It shouldn't really have come as a surprise. The hometown visits are always a cause for some major drama. But last night's episode was particularly brutal, and we're still reeling from it this morning.
Bachie frontrunner Cass Wood was sent home, and out of all the girls it's safe to say we really knew how gut-wrenchingly heartbreaking this was for the 23-year-old blonde.
Australias hearts collectively broke when Cass didn't recieve a rose.
Twitter was awash with emotional reactions from fans who weighed in on the situation we kind of thought we saw coming, but hoped we'd never have to see.
Cass has since spoken out after the episode aired, telling TV Week that her final night was "So traumatic. It was one of the toughest things I went through."
Fans were also upset at the way fellow contestant Brittany Hockley confronted her right before the rose ceremony, where she asked Cass some tough questions about her former relationship with Nick.
"It was the one of the toughest things that I'd experienced… It was just so horrible," Cass told Now To Love.
Britt has also taken to Instagram to respond to the intense confrontational scene. Sharing a series of images to Instagram of herself and Cass, Britt wrote: "This was so hard. It's hard for people to understand the bonds that are formed in here. They are real."
She went onto describe how she and Cass were "weirdly drawn to each other" and spent all their time together.
"I do not have a bad word to say about her, infact, I hope Australia realises just how incredible this girl is. She truly is one of a kind. She is not only drop dead gorgeous, but has the most beautiful soul to match. She's sweet and caring and so deserving of the most incredible love."
Britt confronted a stunned Cass about her dating history with Nick.
Addressing the confronting chat she had with her on the show, Britt continued: "We had this speed bump yes, but it never affected our friendship. And I guess that's what makes a true friend. Yes I was hurt, confused, upset, but I did my best to understand, and I did. Cass kept it to herself for a reason, and what a situation to be in."
She ended the message by saying: "I adore you. We were all always there for each other, and we still are. Remember everything happens for a reason.. trust the process.
I've got you always xxxx 💕"

Cass has also addressed the run-in with Britt on Instagram, sharing a pic of the two along with the caption: "No one will truly understand what it was like to be in both mine and Brittany's situations in this very moment."
"I wasn't given a handbook on how to deal with my particular situation. Did I go about it the right way? Who knows. All that I know is that I never had any bad intentions or wanted to hurt anyone's feelings. I completely understand why Brittany approached the situation. There are absolutely no hard feelings towards her."
She decribed how she and Britt had been each others rocks throughout the whole process, and thanked her for having her back.
She ended by saying: "If I could've told the girls the truth earlier without hurting them than I would've, but it wasn't a gamble I was willing to take. Britt you've always had my back and I appreciate that so so much, our bonds will never be broken. Love you both to the moon and back ❤️"

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