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The Bachelor's Tenille spills: "I dated Michael Turnbull!"

We hope Nick can handle a little Bachie competition!

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While you may not have seen this gorgeous brunette before, 25-year-old Tenille has had some experience with The Bachelor in the past.
The flight attendant and now The Bachelor Australia 2018 contestant is not only friends with previous Bachie babes like Jake Ellis, she once dated Michael Turnbull shortly after he was dumped by Sam Frost.
"Michael doesn't know I'm going on the show. He'll be surprised!" she spills.
The Queensland native is certainly looking for love on Nick Cummins' season, but she also calls herself a realist and says she doesn't need a diamond ring at the end of her Bachelor journey.
Get to know Tenille and more about Valentine's Day date with Michael as she catches up with NW.
Meet Tenille!
How did you end up on The Bachelor?
Tenille: I watched my first season of The Bachelor last year - Matty J's season – and after the show finished the applications opened up and I thought, 'Why not?'
It looks like a boat load of fun on the show and there's obviously a success rate with the show's couples still together, plus it's been going on for five years now. I thought, 'What have I got to lose? Give it a go.'
Also, Matty J is a pretty compelling reason to join the Bachelor
Tenille: Yeah I thought that. I was sold.
You applied for Australia's Next Top Model once, tell me about that…
Tenille: It would have been at least five years ago. I loved the show to death, so it came up one year and the auditions were down at the Gold Coast so my friend said, 'Let's just go take the day off and do it.'
We went to the auditions and didn't get any further than that but we gave it a try.
We hear you went on a date with Michael Turnbull once? How did you guys meet? What happened?
Tenille: It was about two and a half years ago. I had never watched him on The Bachelor, but he was running a competition on his Instagram account to win a Valentine's Day date with him and he was donating money to charity.
He had been liking some of my pictures on Instagram, so I asked my friend, 'Should I apply for this?'. And I did.
Lo and behold, next thing I know I actually won it.
Michael Turnbull had his sights set on the brunette beauty!
How was the date?
Tenille: We went for dinner. It was nice. I think we were just friendly. It was quite funny too because he was still copping reaction from his season, and a group of people pressed their phones against the window next to us,showing us pictures of Sam Frost. I was like, 'Oh my God, this is so weird.'
We remained friends and I talk to him every now and then. I see him at the airport a lot because I work there and he flies quite frequently.
Could Tenille be the one to steal Nick's heart?
Did you tell him you were going on the show? He would have some advice for you…
Tenille: No, not yet because I can't say anything. He'll be surprised! But, I'm sure he'll be supportive.
We hear you're friends with Bachelor In Paradise's Jake Ellis too?
Tenille: Yeah, us Queenslanders. He doesn't know about me going on the show. It's just so funny not being able to say anything.
There's also a chance to meet each other in Fiji on Bachelor in Paradise!
Tenille: Yeah! And have a second date with Michael. That would be funny.
What are you hoping for from this experience?
Tenille: My aim it is to end up with some form of relationship. I don't need a wedding ring at the end, but my main intention is to meet somebody.
Other than that, I just know to keep an open-mind because I know there are multiple girls on there.
I'm a realist as well, so I know it might not end up working in my favour. But I have to look at it as an experience. There's something to gain from as well.
You're putting yourself out there and meeting people and you've just got to hope for the best.
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