The Bachelor Australia

There was a massive clue on Survivor that Locky would be The Bachelor that we completely forgot about

Seriously, it was so obvious.

By Alex Lilly
Australian Survivor fans couldn't believe their eyes and ears when contestant Locky Gilbert was announced as the 2020 Bachelor.
Yes, he's tall, dark and handsome with a love of adventure sports so he'd seem like the perfect candidate but we just didn't see it coming. Once again, we figured that Dr Chris Brown would be serving out the roses.
But if you watch back on an earlier episode of All Stars, Channel Ten dropped the biggest clue yet that the 30-year-old would be this year's Bachelor, and we totally forgot about it.
AK acted as Osher for Locky's Bachelor in a Survivor themed rose ceremony. (Image: Network Ten)
In the first week of All Stars, Locky was the alpha male of the Vakama tribe and had the attentions of the three singletons Phoebe, Daisy and Brooke.
"Yeah I think Locky's my kind of guy," Daisy confessed in a piece to camera. "But I don't think I'm alone on that front!"
But in a candid moment, Daisy says to Phoebe, Brooke and Locky, "Where's Osher when you need him?" referring to the ever-charismatic Bachelor host.
In a flash, tribemate AK is asked to fill in as Osher and before you know it, the Vakama tribe are reenacting one of the famous rose ceremonies and Locky is forced to choose between the three women.
However, he didn't sell himself too well as the Bachelor and couldn't even pick a name declaring: "I can't pick...I'm not...I can't pick, I'm just not going to pick!"
Watch the moment in the player below. Post continues after video...
Of course, fans were shocked by Locky's announcement as they figured there was something going on between himself and Brooke, but alas it wasn't meant to be.
Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O after his exciting announcement was revealed, Locky said, "Brooke's an amazing girl, but the thing is, it was filmed like five months ago. So, it was quite a while ago and on the show."
"You just want to have that person that you can fully trust, and like, if you don't you can kind of lose your mind out there. So, me and Brooke just connected, we had lots to talk about. I think that really helped me in the game."
"Brooke's an amazing girl, but the thing is, it was filmed like five months ago." (Image: Network Ten)
The plot thickened when Brooke broke her silence after Locky was announced as the Bachelor on Twitter.
When a fan tweeted, "Locky gets voted out of @Survivor_AU last night and this morning is announced as the new Bachelor. Poor Brooke", Brooke posted a downcast GIF from The Simpsons of Milhouse attempting to throw a frisbee for himself.
Locky's Instagram post announcing his Bachie news was flooded with comments that said things like: "What about Brooke?" and "Brooke tho?" but she had the perfect response.
"She'll survive xx," Brooke replied and responded to another comment with a wilting rose emoji.

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