The Bachelor Australia

Sam Frost says Cassandra Wood doesn't win Bachelor

The original Bachelorette has spoken.

By Chloe Lal
We all seem to think we know who has won The Bachelor Australia. And by win, we do mean "has found everlasting love" with our main man Nick Cummins.
But one person would like clarify who won't be going home with the Honey Badger.
Sam Frost is certain that Cassandra Wood doesn't win.
Sam doesn't think Cass is a winner.
Cass Wood is certainly one of the contenders that has a shot with Nick. After all, the 23-year-old does have a romantic history with the footy star.
But Season 2 winner and Australia's inaugural Bachelorette Sam Frost is adamant that there is no way that Cass Wood could have won.
Sam became a household name as the winner of Season 2.
Speaking to a local publication, Sam admitted there was no way "the winner" could be so exposed on social media.
Recently we've seen Cass on Instagram, parading around what looks to be an engagement ring.
"The ring used in the finale is taken away by producers almost immediately after filming stops and is locked in a safe," Sam cleared up.
"There is no way the 'winner' would be allowed anywhere near it until after the finale airs."
As for Cass's "telling" Insta stories - Sam, 29, is adamant that this isn't what a winner would be allowed to do.
"I highly doubt the producers would tell her to do that [Instagram story], they'd most likely be pretty annoyed she did that Instagram story."
So who will win?
We have a few theories...

Who will win The Bachelor?