The Bachelor Australia

Rhiannon leaves The Bachelor Australia: The awkward kiss that sealed her fate

Another girl says goodbye.

By Chloe Lal
Rhiannon Doherty came onto the Bachelor Australia to find love.
But sadly there was nothing honey sweet about The Badger, Nick Cummins, who sent her packing after the arrival of three new intruders.
Now To Love spoke to the Bachie beauty about her time on the show and she clears up the truth about that kiss.
Rhiannon has no regrets... Not even that kiss!
Talk me through what you were feeling at the time of rose ceremony?
I knew I was definitely gone. It wasn't a surprise.
After the date I had gut feeling that I wasn't going to last. I knew my time was limited.
How intense was the intruders ?
It was so overwhelming.
We already had a big group of girls and then chuck three more into the mix. It's a lot.
We were all thinking about how much time was left with filming, and knew something big would play out.
Yeah, it was a shock.

Tenille had a bit of a moment – what were the girls thinking?
I'm not too sure, but on the night it was more of a heated discussion.
I don't think anyone was being attacked. I think Tenille was just overwhelmed.
You guys had an amazing single date but there was the awkward moment with the kiss – can you take me back there?
There's so much to the date that wasn't shown. Like farm animals were involved [laughs]!
It was a good date.
I got a rose, so obviously it went well. But the moment with the kiss was awkward.
We were joking and laughing like a minute after. It was really fine.
Watching it back though, I was horrified. It was so awkward and uncomfortable, I remember screaming , "No!"

We've all been there and if anyone says they haven't, they're lying!
[Laughs] OMG so many people have messaged saying the same thing!
When you score a single date are you encouraged to kiss Nick or do you know that he's been pashing all the girls?
I heard he'd kissed some girls.
It's not that you're encouraged and you're definitely not forced to go in for a kiss but there is a conversation.
You can go in for it. And it's hard for Nick, like does he go in for the kiss?
No one is encouraged to make themselves look stupid. You can try and kiss if you want.

Ok I've got to ask you – what is the deal with Cass? Do you think there's more to the story?
Cass is such a sweet girl. It's unfortunate by how we've been seeing her. In the house it wasn't that intense but we knew there were real feelings.
She told us that nothing had happened between them. So we were confused.
I wish she told us the truth. There's obviously a deeper history there.
Are the tripod as mean as they appear?
I find that interesting, because I really liked them.
They were really nice to me and to a lot of girls. There were a few girls that they'd butt heads with and were vocal about it.
But they also lifted people when they were down, helped style them for dates. Cat would give them jewelry.
It's sad that we're only seeing one side.

Any regrets?
None! Not even the kiss. I can't change it!
Who will win and will it last?
Brittany and I hope so!