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Reality TV secrets revealed: A producer shares what REALLY happens on your favourite shows

From STD tests to intense evaluations, there's an exact science to curating juicy reality TV. And now, a former producer is sharing the formula.

By Anita Lyons
If you are as obsessed with TV shows like The Bachelor and Survivor like we are, than you're going to want to read this.
Jana Hocking, (one half of the epic podcast High heels and Hangovers with Carla "Biggzy" Bignasca) is a former reality TV producer – and holy Osher, does she have some stories for YOU.
Whether you're thinking of applying for a future season or just plain obsessed, here are the most explosive allegations Jana dropped on the latest podcast, which delves deep into the all the reality TV secrets you've ever wanted to know.
Keira Maguire and Richie Strahan on the set of the Bachelor with producers.

There’s a series of evaluations

You've probably wondered how the producers weed out the perfect contestants for our viewing pleasure.
Well, according to Jana, everyone who applies undergoes, ahem, evaluations.
"You'll have a meeting with a psychologist who will suss you out," she revealed on the latest episode of their podcast. "But on a dating show you'll also have to do an STD test."
Jana claims psychologists will always screen potential candidates and will then tell the producers "these people you definitely can't have on", and if they're deemed to vulnerable they don't make the cut.
During filming, it's a different story.
"If you know a girl who is quite 'on the verge', they'll have a psychologist waiting," Jana said.
"And if you [the producer] know she is about to get dumped, you'll have the psychologist in the wings. As soon as the camera's stop, they'll be taken to a little room to have a chat to make sure they're OK."
Tenille Favios and Nick Cummins on the set of the Bachelor.

The outspoken will always get the most screen time

This seems like a no-brainer as no one wants a snooze fest, but according to Jana, if you want to get on reality TV and become someone who is featured on the show, you need to bring it.
"If you give the producers a good grab, you'll get more screen time," she said. Simples.
"Say you're on The Bachelor, you don't want to be the sweet one vying for his heart," she said.
"Be the mean one, or be the outspoken one or the charming, funny one who takes the piss all the time."

Be prepared for every skeleton to be revealed

"If you have any skeletons in the closet, be prepared that they're going to come out, so maybe tidy up your business before you go on a reality show," Jana advised.
So that's any ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, or anyone you've basically "pissed off in the past."
"A publicist will always sit you down before the show begins and go, 'tell me everything now so we know how to tackle it, so we're a step ahead of the game,'" she revealed.
Cass Wood on the set of the Bachelor.

Check the T&Cs

According to Jana, this one is a "biggie." While you should always check the T&Cs, it's particularly important if you're on a compeition where the public can vote you off.
While this used to happen back in the day, Jana is not sure how true it is now.
"That vote may not necessarily go somewhere because at the end of the day, on a lot of T&Cs for these voting reality shows, if you read them quite carefully; it says "producer has final say."
So basically, if someone is "giving incredible TV", in certain cases, a producer can override the public vote. What!?

Still considering applying?
There are plenty of shows looking for contestants right now... but just remember, the more you give, the more you get!
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