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"They think they know Nick Cummins!" Osher Günsberg defends The Honey Badger after Bachelor backlash

''There have been some doubters.''

By NW team
It's official: Australia's newest Bachelor Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins has found love. We caught up with the former professional rugby player and his partner in crime, host of The Bachelor, Osher Günsberg at the TV WEEK Logie awards, and you heard it here first: We could feel the love!
The Bachie boys have formed quite a bromance! "Nick's a kind, loving man!" Osher told NW in defense of the backlash our Badge-ular has received.
Since filming ended on Nick's season of the reality dating show, the 30-year-old has kept a low-profile, until now!
Speaking to NW, Nick and Osher were happy to chat all things The Bachelor including the tips Nick received from former Bachelors, how new Bachelorette Ali Oetjen is going on her journey to love, and why we can expect to see more 'butt taps' on our screens soon...
What a cheeky pair! NW caught up with Bachie boys Osher and Nick on the Logies red carpet.
How is Bachie life so far, Nick?
Nick: I'm enjoying everything so far. Obviously it's a bit of a change to what I'm used to but it's all about high vibes, and I've had Osher to lead me through it because it is all so new to me.
Did you get any tips from Matty J?
Nick: He told me a few important things, especially about dealing with lots of women and lots of emotions. He said men aren't trained in how to manage our emotions and he's right, I learnt a lot during the show, so big thanks to him for that
Osher: He also gives you great instructions on how to stand when pictures are taken. He has what I call 'The Matty J' – one hand in one pocket, one front crossed over and on the toe. We are trying to train Nick to nail it too.
The Bachelor's Ali Oetjen, Osher Gunsberg and Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins at the 2018 Logies. Looks like Nick hasn't nailed 'The Matt J' pose yet...
Osher, did you enjoy helping Nick find love?
Osher: It's a fun show to make, I help people to fall in love and that's always a great thing.
How's it going with our new Bachelorette, Ali?
Osher: Ali is doing fantastic and she is just so lovely to work with. She met all the guys the other night and I have to say, I have stacked that mansion with a lot of hot tall guys like Nick.
Talk about bromance, Osher says Nick has buns of steel!
What do you make of the backlash Nick received when it was announced he was Australia's next Bachelor?
Osher: There have been some doubters but I am so excited for people to see the season and discover a new side of Nick that they never expected to see.
They think they know Nick Cummins but they are about to find out a whole lot more about him… He's a wonderful man and it's a real opportunity for him to show the kind loving man that he is.
Nick: I'm excited for people to see it. They chose the ladies very well for my season and there was this bloke [Osher] involved who was delicate yet deliberate…
Osher: There's a lot of butt taps this season because I was working with a professional footballer. I had to learn the right way to communicate with him so I discovered that a tap tap on the butt was the way to let him know it was time to move. But my hand is broken actually because he does a lot of squats! The ladies were loving it.

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