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Plot twist! Osher Gunsberg just dropped a HUGE Bachelor bombshell

Well this changes everything!

By Bella Brennan
The 2021 Bachelor is currently guarded under top-secret lock and key.
However it's usually around early March when Channel 10 finally make the official announcement as to who this year's suitor will be.
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Last year, Network 10 revealed former Survivor star Locky Gilbert would be handing out the roses on season eight of the show on March 4, so if we had to take an educated guess the news will be shared in the coming weeks.
And while theories are flying as to who this year's leading lad will be, the show's much loved host Osher Gunsberg has dropped a massive clue about what we can expect.
"I'm pretty sure he's gonna be, you know, taller than me," The Bachelor host joked to the Daily Telegraph's Stellar On Friday supplement.
Last to know: Osher has revealed he finds out who the Bachelor is on the first night of filming. (Image: Channel 10)
Before teasing: "More successful than me. And incredibly good looking. Probably far more good looking than me! That's usually how it goes."
While Osher isn't going into too many specifics, the 46-year-old presenter has revealed that's because he's usually one of the last people on the team to find out who the Bachelor is.
"They honestly don't tell me who it is," Günsberg explained to the outlet.
"I think they like me to get surprised and be genuinely excited to meet someone for the first time on camera. So, like you guys, I also don't know."
Watch this space: The 2021 Bachelor should be announced around early March. (Image: Channel 10)
In January, reality TV podcast So Dramatic! revealed I'm A Celeb star and comedian Ash Williams was the network's original pick to be this year's Bachelor.
But after shocking claims Ash took intimate screenshots of a woman without her consent, which is currently under investigation in a legal case, came to light the network were reportedly forced to sever all ties with the star.
It appears Channel 10 have been quick to replace Ash with a normal citizen, aka a normie, with Channel 10's Head of Programming, Daniel Monaghan, recently telling TV Tonight: "We're really happy with who has signed on to The Bachelor
"Australia will be very happy with our gentleman," Monaghan added.
And when pressed if viewers will recongise who this year's Bachie is, Monaghan responded: "Not yet. But you will, and I think he's a fantastic get for the franchise."

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