The Bachelor Australia

The Bachelor Australia’s Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins returns to TV in 2019

“Actually I’ve been filming – I just finished last month”

By Tina Burke
He failed to find love on The Bachelor Australia, but it seems his turn on TV has led to new opportunities for Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins.
The former Australian Rugby Union player chose to remain single in a series finale that disappointed fans.
In a heartbreaking interview on The Project, which aired after the finale, Nick revealed he was struggling.
"I consider myself a pretty upbeat energetic dude and then all of a sudden you just get the wind cut out of your sails," he said.
"I saw that finale and I knew, it's going to be a bumpy road."
He admitted that the process of the show, and the backlash to the finale, had taken a toll on his mental health.
"I've been involved in some pretty high pressure situations and high stress situations with rugby. But this was a whole other beast," he revealed. "I've never been in a mental space as low as I have been on that show. Especially towards the end of it.
"I've had career ending injuries where you get told you're done, six months I've been in a wheelchair, all that stuff doesn't compare to what you have to go through in here [mentally] to go through all of that."
Nick reveals The Bachelor Australia took a toll on his mental health.
He also scoffed at the idea – suggested by panellist Tommy Little – that he would do The Bachelor round two.
But, in a chat with Hit105's Stav, Abby and Matt earlier today, Nick revealed he DOES have plans to return to our screens in 2019. And, this time, it seems being on a TV show has had a positive impact on the star.
"Actually I've been filming – I just finished last month – this show for National Geographic," Nick revealed to the radio hosts.
"It's called Meanwhile in Australia, and we burn around from the Whitsundays up to Cape Tribulation and we catch up with some cracking Aussies and do some awesome touristy things along the way. Riding horses, going in helicopters. Heaps of cool stuff.
"It's about connecting with other Australians and I think doing that, for me, it gives me great joy."

Sounds like the outdoorsy show is the perfect fit for the Honey Badger! We can't wait to see the cheeky star back on our screens in 2019.

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