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The Bachelor Nick Cummins reveals: "I've never used Tinder... I'd rather meet someone at Woolies!"

The lovable larrikin swipes right on our quickfire questions.

By OK! team
Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins is your Bachelor for 2018. The 30-year-old with a hilarious sense of humour and a strong sense of self, knows what he wants in a partner, and we can't wait to see him find it!
OK! sat down with the former Rugby Sevens star ahead of his Bachelor journey premiere on August 15, to throw some quickfire questions his way.
So, what did we learn? Well, a TV proposal might be on the horizon! But his lady shouldn't expect a diamond...
Nick's ideal meet-cute? In the aisle of a supermarket!
Do you want kids?
Nick: Absolutely. I'm one of eight, and I wouldn't do that because it's too much work. I'd probably say two or three.
Thoughts on plastic surgery?
Nick: Me personally, I'm not big on it.
On yourself?
Nick: Look, when I got my bum done…
Have you ever been on Tinder?
Nick: No. Never. I'd rather meet someone at Woolworths in the produce section with a basket. She's picking up oranges and celery, and the orange falls on the ground. Then you scoop it up and give it to her.
Has that happened before?
Nick: It has actually!
Most romantic thing you've done…
Nick: I knew she was going away for a bit. So I thought we could make a constellation out of the stars. So wherever she is and wherever I am, we could both look up at the same thing at the same time.
Would you propose on television?
Nick: For me, it's definitely possible!
With a ring?
Nick: Diamonds aren't included, because I think it's a business venture and good marketing.
With what, then?
Nick: Probably not a bull ring. If it gets stuck in your moustache, it's a bit of a s--t fight. Probably a Burger Ring.
Skeptical Nick isn't one for diamond engagement rings, "I think it's a business venture and good marketing".
Do you envision a wedding dress?
Nick: Most dudes would just see the colour white. It's not what you're looking at, it's what's coming out of her. The glow!
The naughtiest thing you've done...
Nick: It depends what country you're in. I believe I'm a good person and I have a strong moral code.
Who's your fave Kardashian?
Nick: I don't know any. Actually, one of them crashed a car and the headline was Kar-smashians, and I had a giggle.
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