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What happened to The Bachelor Australia's Nick Cummins' mum? Here's everything we know

She wanted him to "find a nice sheila" on the show.

Nick Cummins might be one of the most talked about men in Australia right now following his controversial choice to not pick a winner on The Bachelor.
And while much of the public debate doesn't exactly paint the Honey Badger in the most positive of lights, there are some people close to the now-infamous Bachelor who we want to know more about – his family.
His dad has already charmed the nation with his wise words on the show, not to mention the fact that he raised the 30-year-old and his seven siblings by himself in Logan, Brisbane.
"He's had eight kids to look after and the stress of work and yet he's always still managed to do it with a smile on his face. That's pretty inspiring," Nick told CNN in 2016 of his father.
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"Everyone thinks of their old man as a Superman and I certainly think that, looking after eight kids on his own," he said.
The now-infamous Bachelor isn't the only one who thinks his father is a living legend, in 2012 he was officially named Queensland's parent of the year.
Nick and his dad are extremely close.
But there's another family member we're still feeling in the dark about - whatever happened to the Honey Badger's mum?
When the Honey Badger was asked about his mum, Debbie, in 2016, he confirmed to CNN he was still in touch with her.
While he didn't go into the exact details, he confirmed his parents are divorced and his mother "needed a bit of a break as she had a tough run looking after us nuisances."
Nick touched on the impact his parents' divorce had on him in an interview with NW.
"Coming from a big family has actually made me want less children of my own. It's awesome now because we're all grown up. But at a young age, thinking of trying to deal with all that? No, I wouldn't do that," he explained when asked about how many children he wants.
He added: "To be able to give them all the love, attention and time that they need, I feel like I would need to have a lot less kids."
Nick's parents divorced, with his mother needing "a bit of a break".
Despite this, the former Wallabies star and his mum appear to have grown closer, and last year, they were pictured together at Christmas.
Ahead of filming the Bachelor, he revealed Debbie wanted him to "find a nice sheila".
"Debbie just wants a nice girl for Nick. But she knows he's a good judge of character, so she holds no concerns," his aunt Margie said.
The divorce had a big impact on Nick.
It's clear that family always come first for Nick – in 2014, he quit his Aussie rugby career to move to Japan after a lucrative deal promised him better pay.
The money was used to help his father, who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer a year earlier, as well as his siblings Elizabeth and Joe, who have cystic fibrosis.
"Every day is a struggle, every breath is a struggle… constant medication, constant coughing, constant vomiting, just struggling just to keep afloat and if you want to talk about courage yeah, that's two examples of it there. I wanted to get a safety net in an account just ready for troubling times," Nick told Sunday Night in 2016.
Nick's family has had a difficult history with health.
Despite the family's difficulties, their health hardships have brought them closer together.
"I remember the first time I gave Dad like a proper hug you know and that was big. It's sad that it takes something like this to happen but we wait so long until it's too late and then and they can be gone you know," he said.
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