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What happened to The Bachelor Nick Cummins' mum?

The Bachelor star opens up about his family's heartbreaking past.

By Bella Brennan
This year's Bachelor star Nick Cummins is a serious breath of fresh air.
The ex-rugby union player may have signed up to a reality show, but he promises Australia will be seeing the real Nick Cummins in front of the camera.
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And when it comes to the home visits, there'll be one person the girls will have to work overtime to win over - Nick Cummins' beloved father Mark Cummins.
Single father Mark is Nick's hero after he raised the 30-year-old and his seven siblings by himself in Logan, Brisbane.
"He's had eight kids to look after and the stress of work and yet he's always still managed to do it with a smile on his face. That's pretty inspiring," Nick told CNN in 2016 of his father.
Nick's "inspiring" dad Mark is his hero. (Image/Sunday Night)
"Everyone thinks of their old man as a Superman and I certainly think that, looking after eight kids on his own."
In fact, Nick isn't the only one who thinks his father is a living legend, in 2012 he was officially named Queensland's parent of the year.
Nick is extremely close to his family and made the ultimate sacrifice for his father, who was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in 2013, and his younger brother and sister who both suffer cystic fibrosis, by moving to Japan to play for the Coca-Cola Sparks right as his career with the Wallabies was taking off.
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But what happened to Nick Cummins' mother?
When the Honey Badger was asked about his mum in 2016, he confirmed to CNN he was still in touch with her.
While he didn't go into the exact details, he confirmed his parents are divorced and his mother "needed a bit of a break as she had a tough run looking after us nuisances."
Nick's father Mark was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer in 2013.
Nick touched on the impact his parents' divorce had on him in a recent interview with NW.
"Coming from a big family has actually made me want less children of my own. It's awesome now because we're all grown up. But at a young age, thinking of trying to deal with all that? No, I wouldn't do that," he explained when asked about how many children he wants.
Adding: "To be able to give them all the love, attention and time that they need, I feel like I would need to have a lot less kids."
Nick's not the only Bachelor or Bachelorette star with a tough family situation...

Matty J

Last year's Bachelor Matty "J" Johnson was raised by single mother Ellie Johnson, who Matty says is their family's rock.
"The five of us were raised by my Mum. I don't know how she did it, while working full-time as a teacher at the same time, credit to her. She's very, very special," Matty, who is no longer in touch with his dad, told The Sydney Morning Herald.
"I think for me, the relationship I would want to have, it was almost like I'd want to be the husband that my Mum deserved and never had. And the Dad that I always wanted, that's the Dad that I wanted to be. So I think it probably made my desire much stronger."
"She's very, very special!" Matty says of his mum Ellie.

Georgia Love

It was supposed to be the happiest time of her life but just days after Georgia Love picked Lee Elliott in the 2016 Bachelorette finale, her 60-year-old mother Belinda passed away from pancreatic cancer.
A devastated Georgia broke the news with a heartbreaking post on Instagram.
"My heart is utterly broken. 7 weeks ago we were sipping cocktails in Italy. 7 months ago you weren't even sick. How is it possible you're no longer here?" Georgia penned at the time.
"Mum, you were my first friend and my best friend, my rock, the one who knew me better than anyone in the world and who supported and backed me through every single thing I did. You were the one I went to for advice, the one I shared every story with and the one who was always there to pick me up."
"There is so much more I need and want to share with you. I have no idea how to even begin to say goodbye. I love you, Mum, and will continue to every single day."
"If there ever comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever," Georgia's beautiful tribute concluded.
Since her mother's tragic passing, the television presenter has honoured her legacy by becoming an ambassador for the Pancare Foundation and raising money for the charity.
Honouring her mother's memory, Georgia has gone on to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer.

Sam Wood

2015 Bachelor Sam Wood's mum Wendy sadly passed away when the personal trainer was just 15.
One of Sam's biggest hardships is that his mother never got to meet his fiancee Snezana Markoski.
"She would absolutely adore her," Sam told OK! magazine.
In a beautiful tribute, Sam and Snez named their daughter Willow Wendy Wood after her late grandmother.
A young Sam with his mum Wendy.

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