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EXCLUSIVE: Is The Bachelor's Nick Cummins still in love with his ex girlfriend?

The show’s future is in jeopardy as Nick Cummins
hints he’s set for a romantic reunion with his ex.

By Zara Zubeidi and Laura Evans
Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins has kept a relatively low profile since filming wrapped for the upcoming season of The Bachelor – refusing to pose with women at events and keeping mum about whether he's found love on the hit show.
And now, as the first rose ceremony goes to air, rumours are swirling that the new season is heading for disaster – with speculation rife the former rugby player is hoping for a romantic reunion with his Norwegian ex-girlfriend Martine Thomassen, after failing to find love on the show.
Nick uploaded this snap of him and then-girlfriend Martine in 2015.
Indeed, earlier this month Nick, 30, admitted to one of his social media followers he would be jetting off to Norway soon – impressively written in Norwegian – where his former lover is residing.
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Still in love?

As well as still liking each other's photos, friends and family of Nick still follow the blonde beauty on Instagram – perhaps suggesting the pair are yet to draw a line under their five-year relationship, which ended in 2016.
To add fuel to the fire, Bachelor fans are convinced Nick has walked away from the show single.
"I don't think he's the kind of guy to fall in love easily or to fake it for the cameras and he doesn't need the show for fame, so he wouldn't have risked much by not giving the producers a fairytale ending," writes one fan.
Whether his trip to Norway has a romantic agenda or is purely a coincidence, there's no doubt Martine captured the sportsman's heart.
Nick still follows the Norewigen beauty on Instagram.

Beachside life

Martine, an artist from Oslo, moved to Western Australia in 2009 to study a Bachelor of Commerce degree, before meeting Nick through his brother Nathan a year later.
It didn't take long before the couple were living together in a beachside apartment in Perth, and Martine admitted she had fallen head over heels for Nick's unique and bizarre sense of humour.

Speaking "Cummins"

"I finally came to Australia and thought I was going to learn English but, bloody hell, I had to learn not only Australian but also 'Cummins', which is like a whole different story," she said at the time.
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